Well, here goes nuthin’ ..

How to be Old and Silly


“Ridiculous !” I said firmly: “yer off yer face !!” – there you go: nipped in the bud.

I added a little gilding to the lily: “I mean – another one ?! No way !! – I only ever had that single story in my head.”

Silence. A vague gazing out the window.

“And it wasn’t exactly a best-seller ..” I pursued, defensively (and accurately); “in fact, this year I’m not even getting a brass razoo for library usage !”

My interlocutor came back to life: “All the more reason for you to write another one.”

I sighed dramatically, and cast about for something sensible.

“It’s all very well saying that people would want to read about how to manage getting old,” I said, “but honestly – how many books about that have been written alrea—”

“Find a way to write about it differently then ! How about with humour ? Are there any out there written from experience but with humour ?”

And, with glee: “Actually, how many oldies could even write a publishable book, for starters ?”

“Probably thousands” I muttered darkly.


“Well, lots ..”

More silence. The cumulous clouds of pressure coming together under the ceiling began to multiply, showing ominous signs of turning into the eye of a hurricane.

I sighed again. This time my shoulders were bowed.

“Oh alRIGHT ! I’ll tell you what .. I’ll give it some thought and see if I can come up with any ideas – or maybe some kind of storyline, OK ?”

Slow nod and the conversation was over.

How in the names of all the gods did I manage to let myself be rolled like that ?!


25 thoughts on “Well, here goes nuthin’ ..

    • Jamais ! Heh heh ..
      Listen, you IDIOT !! I am writing as I go, and there will be new .. ahhh .. directives coming out in fits and starts; so don’t go expecting new material every week, OK ? :D


  1. A new book? Will there be swearing along with the wit and silliness? Will your moggie be one of the characters? Do you need me to get out my pompoms and cheer you on?

    These questions and so many more, I have…

    Liked by 1 person

    • When I have got over my emotional response to Boodie’s having very recently had SEVENTEEN teeth extracted, and when I can stop fussing over him and being stressed out by my inability to administer his medications, M-J my lamb, it is my intention to continue with this particular bit of silliness, yes.


      • Oh poor poor Boodie! I feel your pain in trying to give him meds. It is never fun or easy. Did the vet give you pills or liquid? I hate the liquid…don’t know how many times it’s ended up on the cat, on the floor, on me. Anyhow, throwing some love at you and Boodie. All will be well eventually.

        Liked by 1 person

        • ‘Impossible’ is the correct adjective, alas ! He’s never allowed me to do anything to him: claw-clipping, f’rinstance, has never been on the cards, nor even brushing ! So trying to put a little plastic hypo into his mouth and emptying its contents therein ? – having a laugh, aren’t you ?! :( As for the antibiotic: crushed into smithereens and mixed into wet food sounds sensible, don’t it ? He eats all around the bits with crushed pill and picks out bits where there isn’t any. However, M-J, he’s absolutely fine, and showing no signs of anything at all unusual ! Small magical mog. Lucky me.


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