So that didn’t go over well   :\

Not a lot of point bashing out more of my latest magnum opus – it weren’t received with anything I could pretend was great enthusiasm. Entirely your right to consider what I post as fatuous garbage, of course; and I shan’t even make snide references to your lack of taste.   [grin]

I could run a short story or two by you instead – one at a time, I mean .. My next move, following that – should it prove as unenthralling as the other – would be to fold my tent and sneak away ..

They’ll be true short stories; I’ve long since admitted that fiction is beyond my meagre writing abilities.

Now to select from the list of weird or amusing events the ancient brain can recall .. Yous can stand down, pro tem.


13 thoughts on “So that didn’t go over well   :\

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