About (might as well)

  • 31 years married to The Perfect (for me) Husband 
  • now astoundingly ancient
  • only in years but !
  • recently got my own garden
  • :)
  • used to be a Sydneysider
  • now a Geelong-ite (?)
  • marvellous local friends
  • had a book I wrote published
  • was a prolific blogger at that time
  • umm … no, that’s it.

Except to tell you that I don’t keep any posts earlier than six months ago: they are summarily deleted ! As to why, just ask yourself: “Last time I subscribed to a new to me blog, how much time did  I spend browsing through old posts on it ?” – that is, other than, say, a photographic one .. And there’s your answer.   :)

5 thoughts on “About (might as well)

    1. It was deliberate, my very dear M-J – oh, not with regard to YOU, but all of my old blogging mates … I didn’t want to sort of say “Here I am again, now you can all cheer”, you know …?

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