Oh gawd, AT LAST !!!

I’ve signed the lease and paid a month’s rent, so there ain’t no backing out of it – I have a place to move to !

Doesn’t that remind you of some of the places you rented when you were young ? – it does me.   :)

It’s a 2-bedroom flat (you can’t see it ‘cos it’s ’round the back, ground floor) in Orrong Road, St Kilda East. I suppose I’ll get used to calling it that, although it’s going to be hard since it was known as East St Kilda during all the years I lived in Melbourne, back in my palmy days ..

And it’s only $280 a week ! – that’s $5 less a week than I’m currently paying – not too smelly, eh ? It even has a free-standing shower and taps for my washing-machine ! But for me, one of the very best aspects – there are two ! – is that my new Property Manager is a doll. I expect I’ll enjoy interacting with her as much as I have the wonderful Cobie, over nearly a year.

The other one is best represented by this map:

See, when I was looking in this area – which meant suburbs like Armadale and Carnegie and Caulfield, etc., etc. – one of the first things I’d do is enter the flat building’s address into Google maps and then use the ‘Direction’ facility to find out if I could get to the Woolworths Metro that’s the biggest Woolies symbol up there. AND ! – my next flat building is, like, across the road from it !!!

You may wonder at my extreme enthusiasm; but unless you are someone without a car, you can’t possibly understand what it’ll mean to me to be able to walk over the road to shop for my dinner every day.

That line there was a pause while I contemplated how totally excellent it’s going to be. I can scarcely take it in !

Anyway. There it is. I’ll be moving on 29th September, until which day I shall dream of Woolies Metro shopping ..

M-R’s mid-20th century Hit Parade !

Some have actual performances but by no means all: I’ve gone for the original sounds, which means a lot of images of discs ..

Some are classics now, and some just hit parade material of the times.

But these ten musical items are ten pearls on my long, long necklace ..

Border Song – Elton John

Chain Reaction – John Farnham

Goodbye Stranger – Supertramp

How deep is your Love – The Bee Gees

If you leave me now – Chicago

I shall be Released – The Band

Let me Serenade you – Three Dog Night

Love the one you’re with – Crosby, Stills & Nash

Ordinary Pain – Stevie Wonder

Spinning Wheel – Blood, Sweat & Tears

Take me to the Pilot – Elton John

Venus – Shocking Blue

It started with ‘silly’ ..

.. but progressed from there.

My morning perusal of the ABC news site and The Guardian’s resulted in several items that made me scoff and click my tongue in annoyance, made me make a face and become annoyed, and eventually made my blood boil.

They’re chefs’ ideas of a good sandwich.  Fer crissake ! Unfortunately,  The Guardian is forever printing recipes of ludicrous things like these ..

And still Texas is proud of being anti-vaxx !! You have to wonder ..

There will never be a time when filthy rich bastards stop claiming that their way – whatever it is – will save the world ..

We have reached the point where our “protections” are likely to kill people.

This was a VERY silly man with a VERY big ego; and he changed Australia – for the worse. He was, in fact, a bloody dangerous little bastard.

Sometimes – in fact, often ! – I wonder why I bother to read the news. I’m in a kind of constant battle with myself: while I believe that the ABC, for instance, is the most reliable free news source, I detest the upward trajectory of its politically correct advances.  As for The Guardian, it’s the only news source I’m prepared to pay for; but its British bits are often infuriating ..

I shall think more about The Saturday Paper—

or then again, perhaps I shan’t .. Maybe The Monthly ?

Well, at least that one tells you the cost of each issue: The Saturday Paper actually costs over $9 !

It seems that I’m going to be thinking more about The Monthly, then: at least that way anyone perusing my blog wouldn’t need to be assailed by my political views very often.

My current craze

Grand Illusion

Climb a mountain
Sail an ocean
Go around the world a million times
Here in the valley of the blind the one-eyed man is king
Be a hero
Lead or follow
What you choose to believe is a state-of-mind
But here in the valley of the blind the one-eyed man is king
When it comes down to you
The star you follow
May be gone
When it comes down to you
All the power and the glory
All the fire and the fury
Will not take you far (will not take you long)
It’s got to be your own life
Show no night or day
Your face may turn in sorrow
While the others watch
The grand illusion
You may lose your mind
And someone standing with you
While you endure the slings and arrows
And she will be your grand illusion
Your grand illusion
In the moonlight
Be an angel
Fly to heaven
All we need is a little bit of peace of mind
Here in the valley of the blind the one-eyed man is king
But when it comes down to you
The star you follow may be gone
When it comes down to you
All the power and the glory
All the fire and the fury
Will not take you far (will not take you long)
It’s got to be your own life
Show no night or day
Your face may turn in sorrow
While the others watch
The grand illusion
You may lose your mind
And someone standing with you
While you endure the slings and arrows
And she will be your grand illusion
Your grand illusion
In the moonlight ..
Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Barry Gibb / Ashley Gibb / Stephen Gibb / Doug Emery
Grand Illusion lyrics © Crompton Songs, Gee Son Songs, Tune O Matic Songs

And here it is: you can sing along, now ..

See Barry’s gorgeous eldest son, Steven ? – hipster beard, in one version wearing specs but not in the other .. I feel that the second son, Ashley, might be in there too. Not at all sure. All I do know is that as long as there’s music there will be the Gibb name.

Doo-wop !!

I’d forgotten the word – and those of you saying “I’d forget it too, if I were you ..” have no memory of how good it was.

It was my favourite music in the late ’50s. Come to think of it, it was possibly the only music on the hit parades.

And the song that’d been niggling in the back of my mind for days, working its way up my consciousness until it was all there and I could sing it, was this one ..

Just a musical note .. [grin]

I’ve decided: yous can share the pain !

Yes: yous can help by suffering, OK ? I shall think my way through the kind of endless permutations involved in finding another place to move to, and comments will be expected— will be demanded !

  1. How many bedrooms ?
    One will be cheaper, and quicker to clean.
    Two will enable removalists to put stuff in the 2nd so that it’s easier to unpack; and visitors will be able to sleep there later rather than on a divan bed in the living-room and having to listen to Boodie scrabbling in his kitty-litter in the wee smalls.
  2. Garden or not ?
    I think I’m getting past it. Whilst (with the constant help of my old friend S) I made a terrific showing of the garden in MACS, filling it with natives, I fear I have lost that first faint careless rapture .. But you never know, I s’pose.
  3. Multi-storey building ? – only if there’s a lift. Quod scripsi scripsi.
  4. So much for the unit. Environs ? – have to be Boodie-suitable. No inner suburbs unless the unit’s at the rear and there are interior tree-ed areas for him to explore without being near roads.
  5. Shopping ? – must have at least a milkbar within screaming distance, I’m told. Although it is to be noted that I shall continue having Coles deliveries (delivery fees as low as $2 make Coles my go-to supplier, even though I prefer the range at Woolies @ $13 the lowest delivery !) which, when kept abreast of, do away with the need for ANY nearby shop.
  6. Public transport ? – vital. There has to be a bus-stop within half a k, so that I shall be in the happy position of getting Coles to deliver and a bus to Woolies. :)

Those are the points that are set in stone. If there are any I’ve forgotten, please remind me: this is an exhausting business, and I am already out of patience with it all ..

I HAD hoped, but ..   :\

Of course I had ! – although none of you will believe that, given my track record ..

This lovely little apartment (I originally typed “apratment”, and have decided that there really should be a use for that new word) has brought me much joy and pleasure. I’ve never had a view like this, just for starters ..

But what’s happened


is that the osteoarthritis in my hands (that made itself felt fairly slowly and then decided that things were lacking in pace) has made living here quite difficult. In fact, a bit of a challenge ..  The french doors and their blinds, the hand-held shower, the garbage chute at the end of the corridor – these are the most difficult to operate, and I know more things will add themselves to this shortish list.

I need to be not in a high-rise apartment. It has been a wonderful ride that I’ve enjoyed absolutely, with WONDERFUL neighbours in the two nearest apartments: Joan brings me samples of delicious things she’s just finished cooking, and Jules&Greg gave me a divinely-scented little pot candle for my recent birthday .. I am extremely reluctant to leave them. Extremely !

However, the place I’m thinking of moving to could well mean that I can invite them down for a meal, and that would be huge fun !

I shall NOT be breaking my lease ! – amazing !! My super Property Manager, the wonderfully-named Cobie, has ensured that my landlord understands what’s going down, and I need only give a fortnight’s notice ! I’m not sure why it is that it took till I was in my late 70s before finding a Property Manager who is efficient and nice; but Cobie is most definitely both.

I shall post more on the move I’m hoping for, depending upon how it goes. On whether or not I get this pertickler place, I mean.   :)

But I’m good for some things !



  • 300g package tempeh, crumbled
  • 1 large onion, chopped smallish
  • 3 large cloves garlic, ditto
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil for sautéing
  • 1 400g can red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 400g can borlotti beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 400g can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 double size can diced tomatoes
  • 1 fresh sweetcorn, kernels cut from the cob
  • 1 green capsicum, cored, seeded and diced
  • 1½ tsps chilli powder
  • 1½ tsps cumin
  • 1½ tsps Chinese chilli garlic sauce
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 2 cups water


  • In a large pot, heat oil over medium heat: add onion and garlic and cook for 5 minutes stirring frequently.
  • Add spices and tempeh, beans, tomatoes, capsicum, corn kernels and water, bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and simmer for 30 minutes with an occasional deep stir.
  • You can cook it longer if you think it needs it; but I cooked it for about 20 minutes while the original recipe calls for an hour !

Chilli will thicken upon standing.

A woman at my WW group meetings asked me if I were vegetarian, and I told her that I have been but am being flexitarian while changing my eating pattern. She then wanted to know if I’d ever tried tempeh, and I had to admit ignorance of it (other than knowing it exists); and she added that I should really give it a go, as it’s really  nice ..

So I did.   :)

I can only augment this short rave by telling you very truthfully that this chilli recipe – you know I love all chilli – is the best so far. BY far.

I made it for my lunch, and I shall have more for my dinner. It’s almost no points in my WW existence, but squillions in terms of favourite meals !!

With friends like me ..   :(

Take a look at this super pattern, willya ? It’s created by one of my most admired crochet designers – if not THE most admired.


She’s a genuine designer, too – you’ll find mostly garments, but also some fun stuff. Perhaps even more importantly, she has gradually provided a huge and comprehensive database (you might call it) of crochet help. Her .. what ? – mission statement, maybe, is upfront under the heading “Doralosophy”; and it’s well worth a read.

So what do I mean by my heading ..?

Simply this:

This is Dora herself, the pretty creature, modelling one of her huge designer range – and it’s also my friend Michelle ..

Why in the name of all the gods have I been farting around online looking for patterns to crochet that can be adjusted for size ??????

This delightful shrug was always there – has been there, I mean, since 2018 !!

And not only that, it’s BLUE DK YARN, of which I have a plethora – for the stripes I shall use something very different, but just as nice.   :)

I’m a total klutz. Sighh ..

Morphing the blue

Gritted my teeth, girded my loins, took the plunge, and ..

That’s the left front – with slit for pocket – of this cardi:

I decided not to proceed with the original pattern, as that model is far, far removed from my body shape (which is changing, anyway). There are certain practicalities that do not hit me between the eyes, and that was one of ’em.

Every WIP is giving me the pip!

I have a battery of photos to post, because unless I do you will not understand how very blameworthy I am. And as a particularly horrible former brother-in-law was wont to say (frequently), “Blame must be allocated !”.

I have just today reached an impasse with my third project: I’ve run out of yarn for it, and for the second time ! Having written that, I shall start from now and work backwards ..

But first, an image of all three FAR from complete WIPs:

And this should give you the beginnings of comprehension of my guilt !

Right. The project I had to stop crocheting today is this one:

The image is not that supplied by the designer, but by an enthusiastic maker of her pattern. I like it because it was her very first crocheted garment !

And here’s where I had to leave mine:

No collar, no sleeves and no cuffs. Well, OF COURSE there aren’t any cuffs on account of there being no sleeves !!    [sighh ..]   I’ve ordered more yarn, and have zero idea of what Australia Post is doing with mail.

The middle project was another pattern by the same designer, although (and you’ll simply have to take my word for this) I had no idea when I abandoned this and took up the one above that such was the case ! She’s a clever woman, alright.

Here’s the pattern:

Yesyes, I’ve never been as large as that, but I figured it ought to give me enough around the arse. Unhappily, I was working to measurements I took of meself before I went on myWW; and now my (_|_) is some inches less around. As I cast on for the biggest size, it’s a turtle waste of time continuing; for it will turn into one of those huge heavy things that does nothing so much as weigh me down. So I’m going to have to frog everything I’ve crocheted so far, and the thought is extremely painful, to put it mildly ..

 And now to the oldest one – which is by far the silliest thing I’ve done in a long time.

I used this shrug’s pattern in the most basic way – simply casting on the number of stitches and starting to make a rectangle, in a stitch I’ve been dying to use ..

NOT this one, and not in this colourway !


I omitted to note that her measurement of the vertical was with the rectangle folded over !!! Which is to say, it should be twice as wide.

So I simply can’t decide which of no.s 2 or 3 I should frog first.

Or maybe I’ll just open a vein ..

I cannot resist sharing my 1-pot stove-top vegetarian recipes using eggplant !

I know there are them wot can’t eat or even don’t like eggplant, but it’s now not only my favourite vegetable when made into eggplant parmigiana or eggplant schnitzels by my very dear friend M but also my f.v. when the base in meals as described above.

La melanzana is a wow of a vegetable !

— Guido Borelli

Of course there are lots more types of eggplant; but I never find them and so I just go on cooking and eating the ones in that painting (yes, that’s what it is: Italians are as fond of le melanzane as I am). The first recipe I’m posting actually means me to use one of those or two of the long thin ones, I think: but as I can’t find any of the latter I just use two of the former.   :)

And I’m also a fan of BEENZ ! – any kind including borlotti, kidney, cannellini, butter, black and chickpeas. I’d always considered that last-named pulse to by my favourite; but these recipes have shown me that I love ’em all !

I shall attempt to simply attach each recipe, rather than go through the whole boring thing of re-typing them. You may start praying now ..

Spicy Bean Stew. The simplest, but the vegies should be cut up pretty damn small.

BAKED EGGPLANT & BEAN STEW. Hang on a tick — I can’t remember if that’s the correct name for this one .. But it don’t matter much, eh ? And btw, it ain’t baked – it doesn’t need to be.

Creamy Eggplant & Bean Casserole. Tahini creates the ‘creaminess’: personally I would prefer it be described by some other adjective. Simple and quick(ish).

If you’re allowed eggplant and beans, these three dishes will make meals for whole families or for one grumpy old lady with some fridge space. In my frightfully humble opinion, each of these recipes is DELICIOUS, to put it mildly !!




An FO to celebrate

I have finished another crocheted cardigan, and it fits me.

Yeahyeah, I know: I shouldn’t be carrying on about it .. But the trouble I’ve had making garments to fit myself would fill a book on its own !

What a miserable face – such narrow lips ! :(

This isn’t the yarn I originally used for the cardi – in fact it’s nothing like it. Believe it or not, I made this cardigan twice before: once in this same yarn and again in the yarn it was designed in. I completely frogged both ! – and was absolutely exhausted thereafter. The version in this yarn was far too big; whereas the version in the original yarn was so fucking heavy that I knew I’d never wear it. Ergo frogging.

Then I crocheted it all over again in this Mandala Ombre – an acrylic that’s a joy to work with (even if DMN doesn’t believe in acrylic yarns ! [grin] ) – but I dunno where that droop on the right snuck into the photo because I can’t see it now. Sighh ..

As for the Ice Yarns Ambiente (the pattern original), I’m currently making a poncho out of some of it, but I don’t like it’s total lack of ‘give’: it’s a shiny yarn that doesn’t stretch at all, so I think the poncho won’t be  big enough and this yarn will not be able to  be frogged again. Hey ho, another bit of rissoling.    :\

I did warn you ..

So I’m somewhere around 98kg. Dunno exactly where owing to my not having gone to the last meeting and not having scales in which I have turtle confidence.

That’s it. What I haven’t got in my scales.

Thus, uncertain of the precise degree of my success, I present meself for loud congratulatory pæans of congrats ..

(Just in case ..)

I’ve always been told and accepted that the best rate of weight loss is  ½kg a week, or 2kg per month. Though I’ve bettered that, there really isn’t a “better”: I will most certainly not progress at a continued rate of 6kg a month (unfortunately) ! As an example, in one week I lost only 200g ..

The four pillars stuff is beyond me. I don’t exercise, owing to a dicky lower back, and I sure ain’t gonna start now. Besides, I’m all too aware that exercise actually has zero effect on weight loss: it merely keeps one fit, and ready to rock’n’roll with losing weight via other means.

And I’m  a lost cause with the mindfulness or whatever it is pillar: my habits (most of ’em vile) are so ingrained that to even contemplate change regarding any one of them causes more wrinkles to pop out all over .. Well, I suppose that might be the ancient skin giving up when all that blubber starts to drip slowly away .. But more seriously, I don’t know that any of my habits – which are not numerous – warrant attention. Other than the one that encompasses sitting in my recliner chair crocheting, that is ..

But with the sleep one and the eating one I’m good.

I emailed one of the group’s two overladies to point all this out (using different terminology) and to ask whether I should go on attending as I’m a bit of a cheat; but she didn’t reply. Hmmm. Possibly they would both be happier without my rather raucous presence ..

Oh gawd – here I go again ..

Can you believe it ? – I’ve become a WW member !   :)

I decided it’s never too late to lose weight. I also decided to confess this latest .. ehrmm .. occupation to anyone out there reading this so as to put myself in a potentially embarrassing position should I weaken. Meaning, you must scoff at me the moment I start (if I do) to indicate weakening !

No-one is allowed to call it WeightWatchers now: it’s myWW – much as Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC ! [grin]

It’s good. Really ! They’ve made it a sort of semi-holistic approach, now: four pillars, they describe it as – food, activity, sleep, mindset. Not too sure about the heading for the final one, because that word really covers everything .. but it’s better than ‘mindfulness’ – a word I detest. As it’s the only pillar that needs any kind of explanation, I can tell you that meditation definitely is part of it, but it’s largely to do with thinking through what one’s doing, why, and how well or badly one is doing it.

I went to the opening night of my group workshop on Monday night, and enjoyed it. I removed as much of my clothes as I could without becoming embarrassing, and was weighed in at 102.1kg. Chuffed, I was; had  been 104kg fairly recently. My type of membership is what they call ‘digital & workshop’; the other choices are digital alone, or personal 1-on-1 handling !!! I’d do that willingly, but it costs too much. I was able to sign up for 6 months because they had a 60% offer going for that commitment; and I pray to every god mankind has dreamed up that I don’t fail.

More of this boring shit another time. You’ve been warned ..