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The vintage walrus has begun

I’m fairly happy with the first few motifs, even though the row that caused me so much trouble that I had to seek help from someone on the Italian Scot’s Facebook site – which I did, of course !, by email – is also that on which the background colour cannot be hidden. Sighh … This kind woman sent me a chart; but was obliged to confess that she hasn’t actually got around to making the Walrus.

So if you check back to the picture from the pattern you can see that my motifs do actually resemble Lucia’s. Well, that’s the claim I’m making, anyway.

The odd thing is that I haven’t yet come across anyone who’s made it: Pippin Poppycock hasn’t, either. I should put my statement in context: of those with whom I’ve communicated, none has made it.

Here’s hoping I shall not become yet another of these fans who can’t seem to get around to it. At least I’ve started.


And here’s the other story

This is such fun !

As my colours aren’t the same as Lucia’s, I needed to get some way of arranging them that didn’t involve taking her 63 squares pages and replacing my colours on her list. The GSCPG was it !

Had a feeling I’d once seen something of this kind on-line, so searched under “mathematical way of using many colours” or the like, and sure enough, there it was. O happy day !

Enter 9 squares wide by 7 square high by 4 colours in each square and press GENERATE and Bob’s yer uncle.

Oh, except for the vital first stage: setting up your colours. This is quite a testing process, as (a) the little thingy doesn’t allow for entering HEX code, and (b) the colours it generates aren’t exactly the same as one manages to produce within the little thingy.

I shall ask this marvellously clever woman if she can add HEX coding to it, and then it will be absolutely perfect;

In the meantime, it’s hugely entertaining !

‘Tis done ! (and dusted)

Whoever thought I had the staying power ? – pas moi !

But I listened to several audiobooks with Lui snoring between my knees on the recliner chair, and it is actually finished: 6 balls of Scheepjes Colour Crafter @ 300m each. Nearly two kilometres !!!

I shall post this off to my eldest sister – unhappily, just as Paris is warming up. Never mind: she can stash it away in some nice-smelling drawer, ready to be brought out as soon as the weather turns cold-ish. It’s not a heavy lapghan, but soft and beautifully warm – I know, I tried it. 140 no-foundation-row hdc, it was; and I am madly happy to say that this stitch allows for absolutely surety of correctly reaching the end of each row, as well as being a single row pattern. Usually when I crochet a largeish whatever I have to rissole it because it’s become wider and wider or maybe  narrower and narrower and THEN wider and wider. [grin]

Crunch stitch is a very good one for blankets: it would be perfect for a baby blanket or rug. That would have to be for someone else, as I do not take frightfully well to babies, nor they to me (I sometimes wonder if it may have something to do with their wondering if I am a much larger version of themselves …).

Well, there you go. Next project is that sublime motif blanket designed by the Scottish Italian. I have all the yarn now. But deciding on which colour goes with which … well, that’s another story.

Well, that’s the end of the mystery parcel

That’s 600m of Scheepjes Colour Crafter, the start of a lapghan.

I’m pleased with this WIP: it has shown me that I can crochet pretty well; and I don’t have to yearn to crochet like anyone else !

The Mystery of the Unexplained Parcel and what it led to

In getting settled into my new abode, I left the yarn sorting till almost last (the end will be the arranging in alphabetical order by writer the few books I’ve hung on to, and the DVDs, too: what, me ? – anally retentive ? – rubbish !).

And amongst the skeins and balls and cakes and semi-frogged articles I found an AusPost parcel, still in its bright red and white plastic (ugh !) envelope. Why had I not opened it, whenever it arrived ? – I have no idea. Not the foggiest. But there it was, so I opened it.

It contained two balls of Scheepjes (oh, if only I knew how to pronounce that !) Color Crafter yarn in a shade called ‘Wolvega’ – a most beautiful grey. It came from a Perth, Western Australia on-line company called Yarns for All that I buy from every now and then; but still I haven’t a clue as to the porpoise for which I bought it ! Nothing has jogged my memory; not even the fact that it was sent to my second-last address when I’d been there for only a month or so. It’s a BEEG MEESTRY, that’s all I can say. Well …   ;)

This is what I decided to do with it. Unhappily, my being the world’s worst photographer holds true on a permanent basis; and the wide shot of the whole blanket – thus far, I mean – has simply vanished. This was taken as a closeup to show the ‘wrong’ side of my foundationless single crochet cast-on. Is it not a thing of beauty ?

whereas that one shows you the ‘right’ side of it. I think the three kinds of foundationless CO – sc, hdc and dc – are all so much better than making-huge-chains-and-then-painfully-going-back-over-them-with-whichever-stitch-is-required that they should be MANDATORY ! There now !

This is a stitch from my hoarded collection of same, ‘Crunch’ stitch. Maybe it has more than one name: I’m fairly sure that Donna Wolf calls it by another name – hang on, I’ll check … Good GRIEF ! She doesn’t: everyone calls it Crunch stitch ! Well, I’ll be !

It only remains to see how far I get with this before growing tired of it and adding it to the pile of unfinished things. If I’m that mindless. But this Scheepjes yarn, the first one I’ve ever used, is wonderful ! It’s a joy to use, as it slides effortlessly through the fingers, never splitting and always unravelling gracefully back to the point where I did two hdcs next to each other and thus mucked up the whole row … You never know: I might pull my finger out and actually finish this blanket: I could certainly use it during winter instead of turning on the split system …

I have very recently found a Geelong area online supplier of Scheepjes, and she might be going to get all my business if all of their yarns are as lovely to use as this one !

Back to Basics

When a post from a followed blog – – pointed to Lucia’s Fig Tree and her Vintage Walrus design, I gasped: if that isn’t a summation of everything glorious about motif crochet, I don’t know what is.

Such beauty !

One can say “such colours !”, but any colours would do: the original for this beauty is almost monochrome, and it still looks wonderful.

Am I going to have a go at it ? – what do you think ?!

It’s going to cost a motza for the yarn, because what would be the point in creating something like this from mediocre material ?

Anyone similarly struck by this blanket / throw / afghan / article of joy should follow my link to Pippin Poppycock so as to find out about its creator, the amazingly dual-nationed Lucia (would you believe Italian and Scottish ?!), whose output one wishes were twenty times as great.

(Can’t even contemplate buying yarn until the despicable previous agents release my bond: there’s a hearing set for the end of this month, after which life will once again become liveable.)

How much does it matter ?

I’m trialling a gingham crochet pattern, using inexpensive wool while on the experimental upslopes.

You can barely see the second colour being carried through, at this distance. But !

Here it’s quite clear – certainly seeing the medium pink inside the plum … Oh, and also the light pink inside the medium ! Bother !

So the question is: does it matter at all ? Would a person given a lapghan made thus say to herself “Oh, but look ! – I can see the colours going through !” ?

The Little Bear is the cat’s pyjamas :)

Tatsiana’s main thing is overlay crochet. I’ve not tried it so far, simply because I know my own limitations – meaning I’d weary of it even quicker than ‘ordinary’ crochet.

But check this one:

She calls it “Stained Glass Wonder blanket”, and you can see why.

I’m tempted: can’t say I’m not … As I’ve said, colour will always pull me in.

But why would I make a second stained glass throw ?

Naah. Got so many other beautiful things lined up; and only the gods know if I’m ever going to make any of ’em. Still have that second knee-warmer for M to finish, anyway. Slower with each passing day on that … JESUS H. ROOSEVELT CHRIST ! – I am reliable only in my unreliability.

One down …

Can you identify this object ?

WOT ? – you can’t ???

It’s the first of M’s knee-warmers. As you can clearly see by comparing it with that of the pattern in my previous post, it’s virtually identical: different medium, different stitch (of necessity), different yarn weight, differen yarn colour and different pattern entirely. You could exchange one for the other and never notice the difference, eh ?

I sent a  text to L, yesterday: “First one finished. Sure that won’t be enough …?”

I haven’t heard back.


I did look at the pattern I bought; but there was far too much ribbing and moss stitch; and I’m not into switching the yarn around after every single stitch. I regretfully decided that SpinningAnna’s suggestion of sideways would see me involved in short rows – about which I know absolutely nothing. So it became a matter of playing it by ear; and using the measurements supplied by M&L I made a chain of 47 using two strands of DK (I think: I forgot to measure the WsPI) and set off. For a while I reduced the scs by 2 every second round, then by 1 for a bit, and then I just went ’round and around for a good long while. Once having reached 34cm, as demanded by M, I stopped.

Bloody marvellous: look out, all you indie designers !   :D