This is me being helpful, see ..?

Phil, the gasp-making knitter I posted about some days back, has herself posted about re-growing vegies – one of her many “gardening” activities (inverted commas to divide this one from those where she is actually out in the garden). Definitely worth reading, as it’s couched within writing about knitting !

This is of great interest to me: buying seeds is fairly expensive; and the whole process fraught with the difficulty of dealing with flying or crawling or hatching pests.

So I draw your attention — in the event that you, too, should wish to have in your kitchen some vegies that are much easier to produce than are their seeds alone — to this YouTube video.

You’ll find that it actually IS helpful, once you can get your head around the mechanically- (I s’pose I should say ‘electronically-‘) produced voice-over .. I find these largely entertaining, as they’re generally appalling with phrasing: I’ve heard some that have so puzzled me as to prevent comprehension of some sentences; but this one isn’t as bad as that. Promise.

OK, that’s it – my contribution to the Covid-19 time-filling agenda.


That gazania ..! – words almost fail

Remember this post ? – of course you don’t. Never mind, it don’t matter. The point is, once you’ve read the words and checked that rather pitiful little plant, I want you to consider what’s below:

It’s done exactly what I hoped it would ! – what a little ripper !  Of course, the little daisy next to it can’t be ignored, seeing as how it didn’t even exist at the time of the top photo – good little plant. As for the lavender – who knows ? I have no idea when it’ll bloom again; and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it does.

I was intending to transplant the white gaura – that’s growing in a four-legged plant-stand M made for me, years back – out to the front, now that one of the gardening volunteers has hacked away most of the bloody mirror bush.

But apparently I can’t, as gauras have a very long tap-root .. still and all, this one’s can’t be all that long, can it ? – or else it must go sideways .. Amazing how many things I can plant in the wrong place – like my little correa dusky bells, killed off by one of our intensely hot (read: over 40C) days. Did I write about that already ? – that I consulted Dr Google after the event, only to find that it’s meant to be grown in the shade. [embarrassed emoji]

I shouldn’t do anything at all at this time of year, anyway: I think real summer might be finally setting in – together with humidity. Ack ! – I can stand the heat, but I LOATHE the humidity.

Here’s hoping the little garden can cope.

Garden’s coming on   :)

I took some shots this-morning, before it got hot. Well, hot-tish.

Here are two from the side garden: first is Phyllis the epiphyllum oxypetalum who, in spite of appalling lack of care from moi (most of which consisted of moving her pot depending on sun), insists on flowering. I’ve already had a beauty, and as you can see she is about to produce a motza of ’em !

I will confess to being a bit puzzled by the long thin stalk; but it does remind me of what this extraordinary plant looked like when my friend D first gave her to me .. Am I going to get a kind of whole new plant, then ?!

Second are my new prides and joys, the trio of herbs. Beautiful Debra, turn your eyes this way, please !: here you see the curry leaf tree in all its teeny weeny beauty, as well as a long red chilli plant and a Tuscan rosemary. The people in that on-line shop up in Queensland really know what they’re doing: you should’ve seen the way the herb plants were packed ! Plus, they sent a video to show me how best to prepare for them; and a subsequent email of helpful hints after they’d arrived.

The only other thing in that frame you’re allowed to look at is a small passing moggy. He is definitely worth looking at; only it happened so fast that I was unable to take proper advantage.

So: out to the front gardens. First on the extreme right is what will one day be a wonderful attraction for bees (of both kinds, I very much hope) – the ceanothus. It don’t look much right now; but it is very much larger than when it was planted:

As for all that hose stuff, it’s where my friend S is working her butt off to enable a hose to be threaded through the fence so as to be attached to my tap – as up to now I’ve been using the public tap in the ‘lawn’ out front. S came by later and finished the job, btw: I can tell you that having friends like that is A Very Good Thing !

Then the rose garden with .. bugger it ! – the name’s gone. It’ll come back. Aha – bacopa ! Told yer !

The bacopæ are not at their best right now, but they keep flowering and stopping flowering, flowering and stopping flowering; so I am not one iota concerned.

And the front bit is in the process of having me stick in another plant – that’s what the seat and tools are about. It will be a salvia that’s currently growing in my big planter in the side yard:

See how well the gazania is doing ? – there will definitely be some of those gorgeous dark bronze flowers ere long – can hardly wait ! And the daisy has come from a cutting I kind of faffed around sticking in, which took. Amazing. The little lavendar has mauve buds on; and the two ‘geraniums’ just keep on with their wonderful red blossoms. I shall transplant also the terrific butterfly bush also currently in the big planter: it needs its soil to be emptied and a new lot put in.

Et maintenant au pièce de résistance .. the native garden.

From right front: the silver thingy (at least I got it into shot this time !); the geraldton wax; the correa ‘Dusky Bells’; the eutaxia; the—  bum. Must look this up (again) .. Yep – goodenia ovata; otherwise known as .. poop ! – the hop plant. Horrible name; and lastly a ground-hugging grevillea.

From the left back (ignoring Rolando’s stuff that starts with something white) is the callistemon – not dead after all; another one I don’t know the name of; and just past the last window another one I don’t know the name of. Sorry about all this ignorance. I will get my research done, promise.

In the middle are a dampiera, of which you can see barely more than the name-card; another one I don’t know the name of; slightly back another grevillea; a prostanthera and just seen beyond that, all yellow flowers, another one I don’t know the name of. Oh, I could SPIT !

I’m going to have to spend an awful lot of time trying to find images of all these unknown ones. I am a dickhead, no doubt about it. (I put the names of those I do know into the tags so that I look as if I’m knowledgeable. I’m not.)

But I love my gardens !

P.S.: the yellow flowering one is a chrysocephalum apiculatum, and it’s a really interesting one. My friend S made me buy it because she has one she loves; but mine has flowers that are like doubles ! – haven’t seen any images like mine on-line ! Oh; and the silver thingy is a calocephalus brownii. I’m gettin there ..

P.P.S.: the blue/grey/green one against the wall under the l.h. window is Dianella caerulea ‘Cassa Blue’. ONLY TWO TO GO !    :)