It’s not really plagiarism …

Chi Wei’s site, One Dog Woof, today offers for sale a delightful pattern for a baby blanket. Being a female Methusaleh with mostly contemporaries for friends, babies are not anywhere on my horizon (I am happy to say, having never in my life felt even momentarily maternal). But her pattern provides a discovery about yarn blending !

This is a grab from her finished article:

Ain’t it AMAZING ?

She achieved that look by combining two Lion Brand yarns, Thick & Quick and Baby Soft Boucle – it’s the latter that has those teeny little beads, of course. So I shall be doing the same, ere long (NOT a baby blanket !), but with a different combo:

and I believe the result will be an absolute knockout !

I don’t mean to plagiarise, as I said: it’s just a matter of someone’s basic idea’s providing a kind of eureka moment; and all such someones should be happy !

I hate Lisette !

Knitting Patterns Galore included, this-morning, a really super pattern for a jumper – sorry, sweater (I always type that word as ‘sewater’ initially).

“Indeed,” thinks I: “that does look nice !” I click on the little image:

and am confirmed in my thinking. Going further in, I see

that this sort-of-yoke pattern is quite delightful, and decide to download the free pattern for when (NOT if !) I finish the Vintage Walrus. Going to the free download page, I find, however, this:

and realize, to my horror, that the sleeves only go as far as the bottom of the pattern ! Imagine what would happen were the wearer to throw her arms in the air !!!

Bloody Lisette ! – damn her, damn her ! She is a kind of siren – luring us in with her looks only to reveal herself as REALLY SILLY. Doubt that she ever sang a note.    :(



Can’t make it out :\

See these ?

Yarn bowls. Sold by all the big companies and made by hand by many creative people. Question: when did you last see a ball of yarn that would fit into one ?

Oh sure, one can buy one’s classy wool or blend in skeins and have to haul out the swift and the ball-winder, ending up with a round cake of whatever; but in most cases the cake is too big for the average yarn bowl. And anyway, yarn one buys in skeins is always very expensive (around, say, AUD36 and not necessarily all that many metres).

Buying the kind of yarn I’m currently using sees big fat soft … erhmm … sort of oval-shaped balls[*] that can’t possibly fit any yarn bowl I’ve ever seen. And they are, in fact, these oval-shaped balls, absolutely infuriating: they’re designed to be pulled from the outside; but woven in such a way that they have to either turn over and over when you’re yanking them, or you can’t yank as you go but must pull off lengths of yarn every so often. I find that so irritating that I frequently feel like throwing them on the floor.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this ? I mean, is it just me, using the yarn somehow incorrectly ? Why isn’t the world full of grumpy people knitting or crocheting and muttering ?

If all yarn were produced to be pulled from the centre I’d be as happy as a pig in horrid stuff: the ball/s (current project has me using two at a time) just sit there, as well-behaved as anything; no turning over and over and tightening in the process, no need to keep unwinding lengths in advance … (Of course, there is the downside of how do you manage to rewind if you need to frog.)

I need answers. Hope to get some.



[*] once you’ve got ’em going, that is: they start out with ‘waists’ under the label – slightly hourglass-shaped


One down …

Can you identify this object ?

WOT ? – you can’t ???

It’s the first of M’s knee-warmers. As you can clearly see by comparing it with that of the pattern in my previous post, it’s virtually identical: different medium, different stitch (of necessity), different yarn weight, differen yarn colour and different pattern entirely. You could exchange one for the other and never notice the difference, eh ?

I sent a  text to L, yesterday: “First one finished. Sure that won’t be enough …?”

I haven’t heard back.


I did look at the pattern I bought; but there was far too much ribbing and moss stitch; and I’m not into switching the yarn around after every single stitch. I regretfully decided that SpinningAnna’s suggestion of sideways would see me involved in short rows – about which I know absolutely nothing. So it became a matter of playing it by ear; and using the measurements supplied by M&L I made a chain of 47 using two strands of DK (I think: I forgot to measure the WsPI) and set off. For a while I reduced the scs by 2 every second round, then by 1 for a bit, and then I just went ’round and around for a good long while. Once having reached 34cm, as demanded by M, I stopped.

Bloody marvellous: look out, all you indie designers !   :D

M wants knee-warmers !

I cannot deny him this latest obsession, as he is about the kindest friend of the male variety I’ve found in all the years since Chic went away (and oh, how he didn’t want to leave me).

I went looking on Ravelry for a pattern – where else ? – and thought I’d clicked on ‘knitting’ in the filters. I was deeply disappointed by the paltry result. And in my usual fashion, I immediately emailed SpinningAnna begging for help.

Then I thought “hang on … those weird leg-warmer thingies aren’t knitted – they’re crocheted !” and recognized my normal response of half-wittedness.

So, having rectified the Ravelry search, I did find a knitting pattern for knee-warmers.

But Anna has already written back with a splendid suggestion: make ’em sideways ! M has told me the length of the warmers – 33cm – so it’s a matter of casting on that measurement and making the resultant shape 46cm on one side and 36cm on the other. Short rows ? – hang on: back to the Oracle … Mein gott ! – she has left that part to me ! She must be a woman of Great Faith … [grin]


Sighh …

Seems I can’t do anything right, at this time. Well, in terms of C&K, anyway. Grrrrr …

Here is the WIP with which I replaced the failed brioche lapghan: this is a simple knit stitch called ‘mistake rib’ (as probably everyone else in the world knew all along). If only one or other (or all) of the gods would chuck down a thunderbolt that enabled me to take even remotely acceptable photos, I would be a lot happier — a whole big lot !

The problem is that it isn’t wide enough.

It will stretch, provided I put some kind of appropriate border around it. Imagine having to put a border around a bloody lapghan ! I think only M.R., I do.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what kind/design of border would suit ?


Time for KNITTING stitches

This lady is no slouch: I refer to Barbara Breitner, who has written a book called “Knitting on the Net”.

You could visit her (ugh !) Facebook site ifyou need to track it down. But on the other hand, you can just follow the link behind the image below to her website and find a really good list of knitting stitches. As, for instance,

There are dozens of ’em, all very clearly written up and described in terms of why you might want to use ’em.

I’ve been browsing for knitting stitches because of having stuffed up my WIP – a brioche lapghan, 99 stitches long. I add that last bit so’s you can see how goddam infuriating it is to’ve found a hideous error many rows back. And here to prove it —


Unfortunately, the wool is kinda speckley and doesn’t lend itself to photos. But in the lower one about two columns to the left of the edge of the ball of wool, the brioche column wanders off from left to right, so that it looks as if a rib of black has turned into a rib of white. SHITABRICK, but I don’t know how I do these things. Now you get why I apostrophize myself so violently …

And I’m running out of time to make something for a beloved friend’s birthday.   :(   :(   :(

Here’s something I finished !

A husband cardigan (and his favourite mog)

The husband is Chic: the mog is Captain Kirk, known simply as The Captain.

So what d’you think of the cardi I knitted for Chic (many years ago) ? – I thought it was pretty ace, myself. And without wishing to blow my own trumpet too loudly, so did he.    :)

We were living down in Melbourne for a while, working on a film shoot (for which he was never paid, btw: the 2-man production team were total (_¤_)s and two-faced bastards). A short time before the shoot began, I finished this more than time-consuming knitting – Chic liked yarn no thicker than sport weight – and he wore it on every occasion that the temperature permitted.

Alas. The rented house had open-plan bedroom storage; just shelves to put everything on and no cupboards with doors. So one fine day much later on, one of our other cats was wandering about in cat-fashion and came across the woollies. Apparently the smell of this particular wool was irresistible: The Wooluf set in eating it !

And he did enough damage (although I doubt he actually ingested any) to render it irreparable. At least, it was for me: just the sight of the rips and tears and long lines of stitches dropped for roughly a thousand rows was enough to make me wave my hands in dismissal of the thought.

So much for this finished object …

It’s been almost 5 years

And during all that time, I’ve been visiting blog-sites of knitters and crocheters and often wishing I had my own blog once more, so that I could talk about them and their craft/s.

Knitting Nuances – Laura Cunitz
Mijo Crochet – Johanna Lindahl

And there is always, I’m sorry to have to admit, a bit of a need to simply rave on about — something. Several things. But the C&K (it will become very familiar, that) is the driver of this blog.

Eventually, some blog-surfing person is going to drop in and cry “Good grief ! — it’s M.R. !” and that will be very nice. But till the coincidence arises, I’m doing nothing by way of trying to find my old blogging mates (most of whom I remember very clearly and very happily).

I practise both crafts, btw — not embarrassingly badly. But what is embarrassing about my application to them is that … it isn’t. Application, I mean. I am appallingly, dreadfully, finger-pointingly bad at finishing things. You can be sure that those I do finish you will see: it’s always a red-letter day !

Besides the sites of designers, there are a few people who are so clever that they make my head spin; and my favourite blogger is this one …

MarvelKnits – SpinningAnna

Anna has mastered so many crafts in her comparatively short life (well, in comparison with mine, it is) – and all of them really well – that I cannot but wonder how she’s fitted it all in. Mi piacerebbe essere così intelligente … Anyway, hers is an IDEAL personal blog – full of her slant on – well, everything: of course knitting, but the two beautiful cats she and her husband dote on, all the crafting activities she takes part in, food, clothes … Her blog is the most interesting series of daily posts I’ve ever come across*, and that’s the truth.

So. That was my first, this time around. Lui sleeps between my knees on this recliner chair (I have three) and the hour is ghastly. I believe I might go back to bed ! :)


*Might this be because I like the stream of consciousness style we share …?