White Gum Wool

Oh, check out this glorious stuff !

I came across this site by following something or other. As you do.

And the totally sustainable wool thereon is SO beautiful that I have bought three large balls of fingering (as seen above) with which to make a lovely shawl as an entry for Geelong’s new competition – the one that used to be the Scarf Festival but is now much bigger and moneyed up ! I was fairly disappointed last year when my entry didn’t rate a mention: I’ll see if I still have a photo (brioche again, it is) …

I’ve JUST begun. I was ordered by the marvellous Nan, whose sheep station it is at White Gum Wool, to send her a photo of my practising brioche because I haven’t done any for yonks; and I had to apologise because it was such a small bit:


but I’m not even that far so far … erhm, not even as far advanced as that, so far. :)

Madly in love with this project. And there’s no point your screwing up your face and saying “Yes, but you were with your last one – and look what happened to that !”, because I gave you the very real reasons. Not one of which applies here. So there !

What the— ?

So I get onto the bus after having been #4 clippered, finding the driver to be one previously met and chatted with – middle-aged bloke with all silver hair tied back in a ponytail, who has an accent from somewhere in the Balkans. Sit in the front seat on the left so as to be able to continue chatting.

Somewhere in this activity something is said that causes me to say “Of course, Trump is only making it all worse”, and from there find myself in the Madlands.

“Trump is ? – you’re kidding me !” it begins; and then follows a rave I’ve not experienced thus far. Do I not understand clearly that Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to THE WORLD ? Why do I not know that he is fighting, alone !, to right all the terrible wrongs perpetrated by those who went before ? What about Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Obama (I draw my breath in sharply), who had rooms deep underneath the White House in which they abused helpless children ?!

I am outraged by this insanity: no-one talks about Obama like that ! Open my mouth to flay him, then shut it again. What’s the point ? He’s perfectly mad, and who would waste her time arguing with a rabid lunatic ?!

As as I disembark, thankfully, at the station, I reflect that in all probability all of Trump’s supporters are of this ilk. Surely they must be …

And think with remembered joy of the man of great learning, industry, dignity, grace and, over-all, humour (how many photos of him have you seen wearing that amazing smile ?). Yes, I’m a hopeless fan, admitting he wasn’t perfect but firmly opined that he was the best in living memory. Just check out the video link behind that devil photo !   :D

Shall we …?

You might find it hard to believe, but I’ve always had a yen for watching people dance.

That doesn’t mean people in tutus or tights: I’m talking people wearing ordinary clothes (or in certain cases, matching outfits – e.g. Bruno Mars and his team in some performances).

I once even tried it myself: when I lived in Sydney, I was persuaded to attend a line dancing evening ! – and I actually enjoyed it, even though it was a bit frustrating to be expected to pick it up after two rehearsals of each segment. But I didn’t have the right shoes, and I was never going to be able to have the right shoes; so I didn’t go again.

Now I get my dancing kicks on-line, of course: and here is a terrific example of a kind of swing, known as, alas !, “shag dancing”. Do not be put off by the name: it’s BRILLIANT.

This pertickler clip comes with Django Reinhardt backing, so you’re getting a class act. There is the slight initial distraction of the teacher’s voice in the background; but you soon get to enjoy matching what he says with what they’re doing.

I hope you like it. If you don’t, you’re a philistine.


Widen your horizons

Glorious shot, isn’t it ?

Follow the link under the article lead-in to see a far glorious-er one !

And while you’re there, find and follow this link (I do not provide it)

to see if E lucevan le stelle doesn’t combine a mind-boggling frame with one of Puccini’s greatest works, Tosca

Yeah … that could be me

This-morning I read an article in the Australian version of The Guardian that gave me pause – a bloody long pause.

ADHD, eh ? I’ve thought about that before now. It’s been the ‘H’ part that made me dismiss it.

But the writer says the same:

“{…} I might have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, I laughed the idea off, pointing out that the “H” part of ADHD was most definitely not me. I’ve never been anything resembling hyperactive {…} – just being active is an achievement most days, let alone hyper-active.”

Tell me about it.

Five years  back when I was one of a small group of bloggers who kept up with each other’s posts and formed a kind of cell, I posted about that business of having spent too much time on the Web so that I could no longer read my books – or, basically, anything: that I must now listen to audiobooks in order to ‘read’ at all. There were articles published about it, so I attached my problem to them.

But now … I dunno. It’s not age – not senility creeping up on me. I worry that I’m irritating to my friends because I give every sign of not having listened to things they tell me … and as I cast my mind back to someone’s recounting a story, I can clearly recall my attention being not held. And it wasn’t the story …

So after reading Tom Hawking’s article, I searched out a test for ADD – happily it didn’t include the ‘hyperactivity’ part – and filled it out. Moderate is the result. And the site exhorts one not to take whatever the result is as a diagnosis.

I refuse not to !    [grin]

Observe the new little thingy in my sidebar widgets. I am (totally unofficially !) a sufferer from a Moderate degree of ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER.

I have been told. And now you have, too.   :)

No such thing as a free lunch …

A couple of weeks ago I purchased, for the magnificent sum of US44 (if I remember correctly), a software to produce animation. I did so because of the man from whom I had, much earlier, purchased a software for the creation of websites: I need to re-make Chic’s and my travel sites as they are comprised of a mishmash of ancient software that WordPress can’t handle. This web-builder is so like my beloved Dreamweaver 8 that I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity; and although I don’t like the man who sells it, when he sent around a huge rave about the animation thingy, “I’m having so much fun playing with it” etc., I thought I’d give it a go. It was, he said (more or less), as easy as falling off a log.

Guess what ? Right. It isn’t. My eyes started crossing almost as soon as I’d installed it. Yes, there are approx. 1,000 videos on every detail; but who needs software that you can’t make a move on without watching a video to enable doing anything at all ? I asked for a refund – getting which, their sales pitch insisted, was as easy as falling off a log.

I explained that I’m too old for their software, that it isn’t as easy as anyone said, and that I only bought it because the web-builder had said how much fun it was, which it wasn’t. They demurred. I insisted. They threw up their hands and refunded me, and I picked myself up from over the log.

However !

I have, since then, received roughly ten emails a day from them. Here is a small selection:

It never stops. I’ve unsubscribed too many times to remember; and I’ve written directly to them to ask them to stop sending me emails. It just keeps coming. And I can only assume that it will do so for eternity or until I kark (yes, whichever comes first !).

As for the web-builder, I haven’t even got started, yet. I will, I will. I WANT to. I’m just a bit … alarmed at the thought of all that re-learning. But 90-second Web-Builder will be utilised. At some stage.

And Animaytor ? – I have called down upon its collective head every curse I can think of. Let this be a lesson to you: US44 may get you an amazing deal; but it will also get you marketing email till the end of time.


Hooray for Ravelry !

This is fairly mind-boggling … that a craft site, regardless of its member numbers, should take a stand in such a fashion. I congratulated them in a forum as soon as I’d read about this on Spinning Anna’s site.

Here are three reports by on-line publishers:


The Guardian

Business Insider

Amazed by Buzzfeed’s, OK with The Guardian’s and happy with Business Insider.  Happiest of all, of course, with Ravelry itself.