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Word rage !

The two latest mix-ups propagating the Web right now – and over the past month or so – are being used to the point where I could SCREAM.

That one first, as it’s been picked up by anglophone dickheads all over the world and used instead of

Frankly, where any of the halfwits using the word even came up with ‘discrete’ amazes me: I wouldn’t’ve thought they’d ever come across it.

If you experience this misuse in your Web wanderings, feel free to quote me and my choler. If users get crapped on enough they might eventually correct their word usage (yeah, and accompany those flying pigs to market).

I despair of my country

Hmmm …

Things going well, but my mood not so much.

Have had to submit a claim via the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal – referred to only as VCAT – to try to get back my bond from the previous unit. I took back the keys on Thursday of last week, and followed up with an irritated email of enquiry, but still nothing. Just, like, nothing. So I applied to VCAT to get back my bond. Had this email from the agent later that day:

I replied within the same minute:

and have heard, since then, not another word. So my application stands, and if/until the agency signs off on the entire amount, there is a VCAT hearing listed for the end of this month. Meanwhile I’m short of over a thousand bucks and am going to have to borrow from friends (again).

Life seems to be nothing but this kind of shit. My ISP keeps right on invoicing me regardless of delay in service. How is it that suppliers can do this and get away with it; but if a consumer tries it on s/he is served with legal notices ?

Why is it that I can’t seem to stop whingeing ?

Sighh … I read other people’s blogs and they aren’t stuffed with references to the first person – only mine. “I” and “me” and “my” and “myself” – JESUS H. ROOSEVELT CHRIST ! This writer is going to have to adopt the Dickensian style of self-reference, friends: from now on no more first person pronouns, OK ?

Well, as few as possible, anyway. (As for the above, this writer would’ve had it as one sentence with a colon in the middle. Or is it just that with advancing years the colon takes greater precedence …?)

So there.

It’s all good. Mostly because a shower’s in the offing, and then maybe some yarn sorting.   :)

Less than 2 weeks

Is it me or Chrome ?

Right now it’s the devil’s own job working with my WordPress profile within Chrome.

I use Chrome because of its various Google apps: you know, Translate and Maps, and stuff like that. In my second-last job (1996 – 2002) one of my colleagues came across the earliest Google and we all started using it. Then the Google Empire slowly started taking over the world and Chrome arrived as one little part of that. And even though my younger sister (who detests them even more than I do) has spent ages setting herself up to avoid using anything the conglomerate owns, I can’t be bothered. I just run Ad-Block and Privacy Badger and I’m OK, I reckon.


I’m totally unable to ‘Like’ anyone’s posts, or their Comments within my own, if I have Chrome open. The business of opening up Firefox and doing it there may seem pathetically easy, but it’s a matter of principle: I SHOULD be able to do everything in Chrome that I can in Firefox, and I’ve only just been able to get the issue before the WordPress Support people by email. Deo gratias.

Trying to ‘Chat’ about an issue of this nature is a nightmare: I’m typing away like mad and the Support person suddenly decides to ask if I’m still there. Drives me bonkers. I mean, I have to sit waiting for æons for them … See, the issue isn’t that of not being able to ‘Like’ things, it’s that my profile is somehow-or-other basically stuffed. And trying to convince a WordPress Support person of that was, in a ‘Chat’, very surreal indeed. In fact, almost Dali-esque …

I think that particular version of Gala is about the most appropriate to my current headspace. (I’m perfectly sure I’m not supposed to use things like that. I find all that rights business hideously confusing. Besides, who cares about one grumpy old person’s blog ?!)

So it’s all now being addressed by WP Support by email, and I hope to get a solution from them.

You may pray …    ;)


WordPress Support have solved the problem. It’s not me, but it’s not Chrome either: it’s one of the above-mentioned extensions, Privacy Badger. I’ve disabled it on my site, and now everything is working fine. Whew ! If Chic were around I’d lay odds he would’ve worked that out; but his wife is her usual thick-headed twit about solving problems by eliminating aspects of them one by one. Just as well that the WordPress Support people are nothing like me …

The Reader is an irritating thing

Basically, it renders a total waste of time anything one does to make one’s blog appealing: everyone might as well be running the same theme, within

Why go to the trouble of removing certain functions from your page when the Reader reinstates them ?

I would like it not to exist.

It makes post-reading a matter of a quick glance-through and perhaps a “Like” – or not. As for Comments ! – sure, you can make one, but that isn’t actively encouraged … meaning, as I know for a fact, that there are some people who give that quick glance at the Reader’s version and decide they won’t bother clicking through; thus avoiding both finishing the post and leaving a comment.

Probably the WordPress people intend that one has to make one’s post openings so bloody rivetting that the Reader’s version will always be clicked through: whose nose ? :\

In my opinion – always readily given ! [grin] – all it succeeds in is a sort of LCD effect for bloggers who haven’t been around long enough to’ve racked up hundreds or thousands of followers.

I shall again, one day – if I live long enough. Meanwhile, I detest the Reader ! Oh … except when I’m looking for more blogs, that is: yes, it’s ace for doing that !

The importance of voting 2

Australia has another federal election next month, so we are all in the throes of the pre-election blues: bullshit from morning to night from all the media.

We have compulsory voting.

There are many Aussies whose chief joy in life it is to front up to their polling booth and write something “witty” (like, not !) on their forms rather than actually vote. Or who simply scrunch up the forms and drop them in the wpb on their way out.

Well, yes: of course we’re in a position where there isn’t a politician on the horizon whose presence we can view with ease: they’re all complete dickheads who haven’t yet worked out that we employ them to carry out our political will. They still think they’re better than everyone else; and have been elected by us to pontificate rubbish and do whatever suits them (often according to what the lobbyists want).

But every ‘western’ nation is in the same position: look around — where do you see a population happy with its political representatives ?

How come we with our compulsory voting can’t get a better result than all those other countries where voters are not legally obliged to get up off their (_|_)s on voting day …?

Just think: if everyone actually thought about his/her vote and arrived at a decision – whether happy with it or not – before going to the polling booth … why, we could have a meaningful result !

The importance of voting 1

“The 55.7% VAP* turnout in 2016 puts the U.S. behind most of its peers in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), most of whose members are highly developed, democratic states. Looking at the most recent nationwide election in each OECD nation, the U.S. placed 26th out of 32 (current VAP estimates weren’t available for three countries).”

*“the estimated voting-age population, or VAP”


Just think: if everyone entitled to vote actually gave it some thought before going to the polling booth, and put the result of their considered opinions down on the voting forms … why, there could be a meaningful result !

Thoughts one shouldn’t think

Been thinking about this business of the weight of years. One does, that’s all I can say. It doesn’t mean anything sinister or depressing: it just means that my nails need cutting and I’m sitting here putting it off, so have time on my hands (so to speak).

The loss of stuff is the main irritant: collagen and the like, you know ? The backs of my hands ! – how can there be so many little sharp wrinkles ?! How come I keep finding little places on my skin (not my hands) where odd dry bits are; and if I scratch at ’em I make a sore ?! Why did I need to have cataracts removed and replaced with artificial lenses that mean I can’t see anything close up any more ? – I spent my entire life being able to look at things held six inches from my eyes; but since last September I can’t see anything much closer than bloody infinity ! I wish I’d done what P did, and had close vision lenses put in: I’ve had to get multi-focals again, with the top part nothing at all, the middle (a very small middle) laptop distance and the bottom for C&K.

Why is it that I stiffen up when sitting here and walk like a duck when I first arise from the seated position ? Why do I need a goddam nanna nap most afternoons ? – and after one, look like someone had pressed my face with a large tamper ? (Actually, it could be an ordinary-sized tamper that they’ve applied a lot of times.)

I really do know the answers to these not-too-inscrutable questions; but every so often they gather about me again and fly in my face. Which reminds me: is my chin just like Mitch McConnell’s ?, or am I being merely morose ?

And the stuff people publish about how to beat this ! – hard to credit that there are many who take it all very seriously and do their utmost to avoid the A word.

Still. Bottom line: I don’t mind it. It’s just that sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in some reflective surface and am actually startled: WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN ?!

(I shall search out a pic. of me and Lui when I’ve just woke up from a you-know … n-n … because I’m not too ashamed to reveal the ghastliness. Just don’t know right now where I filed it.)

Found it. It’s worse than I thought; kinda wish I hadn’t shown bravado …

But you must admit that whilst I look like I’ve been dragged backwards through a bush, Lui looks his usual sublime self.   :)

Which isn’t fair: at 12½ cat years he’s almost exactly my age ! PFUH ! It’s like I’ve always said: men only get better-looking as they age, whilst women …