In order to be able, once again, to show our travel sub-site, I had to shut down web-hosting and my domain with WordPress: they were unable to show the site. I went back to the Aussie company I’d been using before. Goes to show.  :\

It remains my fervent intention to completely re-do this site using a software called 90-Second Website-Builder. It’s just that I have so many things to learn to do that the ancient brain has run away from the lot, pro tem.

  1. Get to know how to use the iPad Mini that my younger sister so generously gave me
  2. Get to know how to use the Samsung Galaxy passed down from my elder sister
  3. Get to know how to use 90-Second Website-Builder.

STRUTH ! – that’s enough learning lined up for someone of a mere 56 years, let alone one of 20 more than that ..

Later (much !) addition !:

Never did any of the three chores: couldn’t face ’em. Returned the iPad Mini; filed the old Samsung Galaxy and rissoled the web-building software (I didn’t like the bloke anyway; and he suddenly informed his buyers that he was handing it over the someone else !).

But the travel site – oh, how dearly I want to re-do it !!