Geelong living

  1. Manifold Heights (6 months)
  2. Geelong (5 months)
  3. St Albans Park (14 months)
  4. Herne Hill (5 months)
  5. St Albans Park (7 months)
  6. North Geelong

Updated because of imminent (sixth) move. Only 4 times I broke my lease …

  1. Third arrow from top.
    Couldn’t cope with the lawn-mowings: each house did theirs on a different part of a different weekend day, so there wasn’t a single peaceful one. Not to mention the wallpaper in the bedrooms … Oh, I did !
  2. Arrow near the word ‘Geelong’.
    Dreadful water pressure, and awful modern ‘bar’ kitchen. Had to walk uphill to get home.
  3. Arrow going off the bottom. Couldn’t get this one in.
    Loved it. But next-door neighbour (part of her house adjoining mine) started to Renovate. Mostly with hammer drills, and at any hour. My landlord from there – upon whom I dote – tells me she’s still doing it !
  4. 2nd-top arrow,
    Hated the area. Don’t even know why; but it had something to do with being pretty close to a cliff face up which came WIND. Or maybe my next-door-neighbour, who walked past my front window about 12 times a day.
  5. Very bottom arrow.
    Back where I wanted to be. With a bit of garden. Oh, I said that already … [grin]
  6. Top arrow.
    The irresistible opportunity, as per relevant post. There forever.

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