Geelong living

  1. Manifold Heights (6 months)
  2. Geelong (5 months)
  3. St Albans Park (14 months)
  4. Herne Hill (5 months)
  5. St Albans Park (7 months)
  6. North Geelong

Updated because of imminent (sixth) move. Only 4 times I broke my lease …

  1. Third arrow from top.
    Couldn’t cope with the lawn-mowings: each house did theirs on a different part of a different weekend day, so there wasn’t a single peaceful one. Not to mention the wallpaper in the bedrooms … Oh, I did !
  2. Arrow near the word ‘Geelong’.
    Dreadful water pressure, and awful modern ‘bar’ kitchen. Had to walk uphill to get home.
  3. Arrow going off the bottom. Couldn’t get this one in.
    Loved it. But next-door neighbour (part of her house adjoining mine) started to Renovate. Mostly with hammer drills, and at any hour. My landlord from there – upon whom I dote – tells me she’s still doing it !
  4. 2nd-top arrow,
    Hated the area. Don’t even know why; but it had something to do with being pretty close to a cliff face up which came WIND. Or maybe my next-door-neighbour, who walked past my front window about 12 times a day.
  5. Very bottom arrow.
    Back where I wanted to be. With a bit of garden. Oh, I said that already … [grin]
  6. Top arrow.
    The irresistible opportunity, as per relevant post. There forever.

11 thoughts on “Geelong living

        1. I’ve come across from ANZ litlovers & whispering gums blogs – and i am interested to know where you have found to live (ie. the unit – owned or rental I wonder – as I am losing some sight and looking for something decent in NSW – anyway nice to meet you! Sue


          1. Sue, I think you would have meant your question to go to Amanda ? She is in Queensland; and I’m sorry to have to add that I am in Victoria .. I did live in Sydney for 41 years; but have been away from it for nearly 5; and everything changes up there very quickly. I’m a renter, zero assets, living on the pension. Still, if you sen me an email – margie-rose at (inserting the @ sign instead and deleting the two spaces) I might be able to provide a wee bit of help ..


  1. I did mean you M-R, I didn’t word my post very well, my apologies – I shouldn’t post late at night!
    I’m 62 and losing some vision at a rate yet to be determined, and have had a couple of people tell me I should go into an aged care home as a result! So you’re experiences are genuinely interesting to me while I figure out a solution. I’m in regional NSW not in Sydney although I did grow up there. I will email you sometime. thank you kindly – but meanwhile I truly admire your spirit! Yours is the situation of so many older women – and I think we should all get feistier as we get older – otherwise we get trampled on!

    PS: I miss Obama too!!!! I love some of the videos from The Lincoln Project!


  2. Same here re late at night, Sue ! Sighh ..
    Yes, I think a discussion on all this will be best covered by email, and I do have a SHITLOAD to say on it (be warned !). So I look forward to hearing from you when you’re in that space, so to speak.
    Hang in there: I’m sure it can be sorted ,,


  3. That gave me a chuckle M-R! A shitoald to say about it sounds OK to me! I had a bit to say to the people who suggested that – I used to not be very assertive, I think I’m learning from reading Thea Astley! Imagine telling HER to go into a home… ouch!


  4. Indeed I think they had to be M-R! There is a woman priest at a nearby church here – not that I attend – but she is one heck of a feisty elderly lady – I just love running into her – nobody would dare mess with that woman. It must have been a tough gig becoming a priest when it was all men – I admire her! I like people who don’t conform..

    Have you read Waiting by Philip Salmon, speaking of people who are nonconformist – it’s wonderful if you haven’t read it yet, do! About two unusual people who live in a boarding house in Melbourne – it’s a joy to read, Salom writes about these people with real warmth.


    1. I shall check to see if there’s an audiobook.
      For I am one of those sad idiots who has spent so much time online that she has lost the ability to actually read a book. Pathetic. But true, alas ! :(


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