Introducing my book

That’s it – my book. It was published by Fremantle Press and released in August, 2013 – it seems like a thousand years ago.

It provides proof that any frightened, difficult person can be loved. I’d tell you that it’s my very soul, if only I believed I have one …

To find out more (warning: there are some spoilers !) check the menu for reviews, etc.

My first name is ‘Margaret Rose’: please don’t make the mistake of calling me ‘Margaret’. That has connotations from childhood, when the only times anyone addressed me as ‘Margaret’ meant that I was in real trouble.

If you find the double first name too long to handle, just call me ‘M-R’ – nearly everyone does.

I turned myself into a bit of a public speaker in 2014, visiting libraries – as you can read on this site – to tell audiences about how this effort was made, and what it’s like to write a book. It was a very successful year, but exhausting; and the video from the Sutherland Library (you’ll find it !) will tell you all about the development process.

One or both of those links will work for you in helping you to find you a good price and delivery time for the book.