If only we’d turn to our first nations ..!

That’s a really interesting article if you haven’t previously read about how our Aboriginal peoples handle fire.

And if you have, it will make you hope that this bloke’s voice, and the voices of all his brothers and sisters, are heard by our ludicrously denialist (?) government.

On the topic of this latter group, I was included in a ‘pass it around’ email bewailing the way we have been treating our Prime Minister during this terrible time of the fires. I scanned the first few par.s and concluded that if the bloke who wrote it wasn’t involved in social networking, he wouldn’t have reason to be so indignant. Then I thought: “how in the name of all the gods can he wax so offended by the rage felt against the government, at a time when both federal and state members were found to be overseas on holidays while their country burned ?”, and answer came there none.

Apparently, though, this writer’s beef is just about Smoko: what a good-hearted bloke he is, what a good man all ’round, etc., etc.

Well, gritting my teeth (yes, I still have ’em), I’m obliged to admit that I’m just as guilty as is that bloke (whose name raises no recognition in my ancient thinking) with regard to chucking my political opinions in readers’ faces. And it concerns me that readers passing by MRSMRS may be rendered just as choleric by ’em.

Anyone to whom this applies, PLEASE tell me so ! That’s what the comments space is for.

Climate change for deniers

I suppose I shouldn’t grump that this video comes from Facebook: most people who use Facebook do so because it doesn’t involve pecuniary outlay (but it certainly isn’t ‘free’).

But this Greenpeace video is good. Whether or not it has the slightest effect on the wilfully deaf and blind pollies is another thing.

I remember fulminating wildly against Tony Abbott and his bloody collection of morons when I was first blogging: Scott Morrison and his band of beasts are actually worse, inasmuch as they are as clever as a wagonload of monkeys. Cunning as sewer rats.

How in the name of all the gods we ever managed to vote these fuckers in is beyond me. Except that it’s not, really: it was sheer greed. GREED.


Still feel the same way.