Crikey !

It will get hotter than this today.

The real climate change thing is not only the appalling heat (outside), but the fact that it’s predicted to be a maximum of 22 tomorrow.

Go figure.

There is not a single sound outside my unit. Not a vehicle on any road. No matter how distant they normally sound,  there is total, utter silence. No birds. No people, of course. Nothing.

We have become a nation that knows its limitations. When the temperature goes above 110 degrees Fahrenheit we remember that we are only human, and we give up.

If all the “leaders” in the world had acted on the scientists’ warnings back in the day, this would not now be happening.

Yep, we made it to 45°C – that’s 113° in US terms. Hope everyone’s impressed. Not.

Climate change for deniers

I suppose I shouldn’t grump that this video comes from Facebook: most people who use Facebook do so because it doesn’t involve pecuniary outlay (but it certainly isn’t ‘free’).

But this Greenpeace video is good. Whether or not it has the slightest effect on the wilfully deaf and blind pollies is another thing.

I remember fulminating wildly against Tony Abbott and his bloody collection of morons when I was first blogging: Scott Morrison and his band of beasts are actually worse, inasmuch as they are as clever as a wagonload of monkeys. Cunning as sewer rats.

How in the name of all the gods we ever managed to vote these fuckers in is beyond me. Except that it’s not, really: it was sheer greed. GREED.

Still feel the same way.