Do my eyes deceive me ?!

That’s called Sedge stitch . Looks good, I reckon. I started trying it out with the thickest yarn in my stash – something like DK – and pretty soon realized what I was making looked nothing like THAT.

Then I found another pattern using Sedge stitch, on the same site:

which provided a third version of it.

I thought: ‘Oh well, there you are, you halfwit: if you expect a stitch you like the look of to come out as in its picture, you have to use the same yarn weight. DUMMY !’

Yes: I am very often speaking thus to myself. Many, many people tell me that I’m too hard on myself; but as far  as I’m concerned, anyone who does  the moronic things I do deserves to be apostrophized in that kind of language. I have spoken.   [grin]

So I’ve learned two things:

  1. that my list of stitches sites cannot be judged on its own recognizances; and
  2. that the first photo keeps reversing itself in my vision. Heaven knows why; but every other (or so) time I look at it, it seems to be in concave version !
    This is a wrinkle for occasions of which I must be on the qui vive.


Oh my – 87,000 followers !

Here’s a crochet person who seems to have done pretty well with her blog … [gasp !]

It’s a lovely, calm kind of blog, in which she talks patterns and stitches, inter alia.  I have a terrible weakness for collecting stitch patterns: check out my collection in Bookmarks … (You see my link to all her stitches there – three from the bottom: no room to list them all separately  !)
Her name is Tiffany. Her daughter is a (younger) clone. They write of essential goodness, in amongst the crocheting text.

And yet I cannot loathe them: Tiffany’s skills are impressive, and the simple way she uses them to create lovely things is delightful.

If only my crocheting looked like that …!

But the bald fact is — I hold my crochet hook and use it like a single knitting needle.   [blush]
I hold my yarn in my right hand.
I am awful.
You would despise me to see me working.

And yet – I get it done !

But I wish I could crochet like Tiffany …