My music: the ’60s and ’70s

Today a new category, because I can.

Blogging is about putting one’s thoughts out there: whether or not others like them is actually not key – not by any means. One posts, enjoying the doing; and if followers or passing strangers come across the words and derive their own enjoyment, so much the better. But if no-one passes, or if no-one likes the content, the blogger isn’t fussed. It’s all footprints in the sand, and the tide comes and goes ..

I don’t at this moment have A Plan: I mean, I could feature a particular singer or group for any musical post ..

But today it’s a particular song.

“Blackbird”, by Paul McCartney.

It’s a truly beautiful song, and McCartney’s delivery is simple and moving.

But then, by chance, I came across another version. This is the one that takes me back to those times when I was young, although Crosby Stills & Nash are singing it here in contemporary times.

It hasn’t failed to bring tears to “these sunken eyes” since I found it.