The lazy woman’s guide

Since I’m never going to work out how to crochet long rows without having to count stitches, and since I’m far too lazy for such dedication, from the moment I realised how ‘non-meeting’ were the edges of the top-down cardigan it was always going to be frogged. So, I thought, I’ll frog it NOW and start again with something else.

Then I considered the amount of yarn that had been consumed by the pattern, and thought again: all that winding ! Far from good for the arthritis in the ancient thumbs.

Once having decided to try simply making a rectangle-or-square-depending-on-how-it-fits-my-back, on making two rectangles to match for the front and two in-the-round sleeves, I undid the slip knot on the bottom of the unfinished cardi and frogged a few rows. Then I made a (rather enormous) chain and started on the single crochet ‘rib’.

And thus have I progressed: crochet frogs brilliantly – much better than knitting ! – and all I had to do is dump the unfinished cardi in the basket and pull from it as needed.

I’m using ‘Crunch stitch’, which isn’t meant for garments. Me being a total smart-(_|_), I couldn’t see why not so gave it a burl. It turned out to be like nothing so much as a cuirass: I reckon it could stop bullets.   :\

Hence the couple of mesh rows in the middle: they’re my attempt to loosen it up. Somewhat.

Bet you can’t recall ever seeing a garment of any kind crocheted in crunch stitch.

Still, the sides don’t wander in and out. Every cloud ..