‘Tis done ! (and dusted)

Whoever thought I had the staying power ? – pas moi !

But I listened to several audiobooks with Lui snoring between my knees on the recliner chair, and it is actually finished: 6 balls of Scheepjes Colour Crafter @ 300m each. Nearly two kilometres !!!

I shall post this off to my eldest sister – unhappily, just as Paris is warming up. Never mind: she can stash it away in some nice-smelling drawer, ready to be brought out as soon as the weather turns cold-ish. It’s not a heavy lapghan, but soft and beautifully warm – I know, I tried it. 140 no-foundation-row hdc, it was; and I am madly happy to say that this stitch allows for absolutely surety of correctly reaching the end of each row, as well as being a single row pattern. Usually when I crochet a largeish whatever I have to rissole it because it’s become wider and wider or maybe  narrower and narrower and THEN wider and wider. [grin]

Crunch stitch is a very good one for blankets: it would be perfect for a baby blanket or rug. That would have to be for someone else, as I do not take frightfully well to babies, nor they to me (I sometimes wonder if it may have something to do with their wondering if I am a much larger version of themselves …).

Well, there you go. Next project is that sublime motif blanket designed by the Scottish Italian. I have all the yarn now. But deciding on which colour goes with which … well, that’s another story.

The Mystery of the Unexplained Parcel and what it led to

In getting settled into my new abode, I left the yarn sorting till almost last (the end will be the arranging in alphabetical order by writer the few books I’ve hung on to, and the DVDs, too: what, me ? – anally retentive ? – rubbish !).

And amongst the skeins and balls and cakes and semi-frogged articles I found an AusPost parcel, still in its bright red and white plastic (ugh !) envelope. Why had I not opened it, whenever it arrived ? – I have no idea. Not the foggiest. But there it was, so I opened it.

It contained two balls of Scheepjes (oh, if only I knew how to pronounce that !) Color Crafter yarn in a shade called ‘Wolvega’ – a most beautiful grey. It came from a Perth, Western Australia on-line company called Yarns for All that I buy from every now and then; but still I haven’t a clue as to the porpoise for which I bought it ! Nothing has jogged my memory; not even the fact that it was sent to my second-last address when I’d been there for only a month or so. It’s a BEEG MEESTRY, that’s all I can say. Well …   ;)

This is what I decided to do with it. Unhappily, my being the world’s worst photographer holds true on a permanent basis; and the wide shot of the whole blanket – thus far, I mean – has simply vanished. This was taken as a closeup to show the ‘wrong’ side of my foundationless single crochet cast-on. Is it not a thing of beauty ?

whereas that one shows you the ‘right’ side of it. I think the three kinds of foundationless CO – sc, hdc and dc – are all so much better than making-huge-chains-and-then-painfully-going-back-over-them-with-whichever-stitch-is-required that they should be MANDATORY ! There now !

This is a stitch from my hoarded collection of same, ‘Crunch’ stitch. Maybe it has more than one name: I’m fairly sure that Donna Wolf calls it by another name – hang on, I’ll check … Good GRIEF ! She doesn’t: everyone calls it Crunch stitch ! Well, I’ll be !

It only remains to see how far I get with this before growing tired of it and adding it to the pile of unfinished things. If I’m that mindless. But this Scheepjes yarn, the first one I’ve ever used, is wonderful ! It’s a joy to use, as it slides effortlessly through the fingers, never splitting and always unravelling gracefully back to the point where I did two hdcs next to each other and thus mucked up the whole row … You never know: I might pull my finger out and actually finish this blanket: I could certainly use it during winter instead of turning on the split system …

I have very recently found a Geelong area online supplier of Scheepjes, and she might be going to get all my business if all of their yarns are as lovely to use as this one !