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Effie and Phyllis

My Brisbane friend DMN, who comes down to visit every so often (is that friendly, or what ?!), once brought with her a medum-sized pot containing soil and a strange, long, green … thing. It was a bit like a three-cornered spear; and about 20 cm long (high ?). She handed it over and told me she’d also done one of these for herself to take home: she’d propagated them from her mum’s place, mid-way between Brisbane and Geelong in glorious Richmond, NSW.

So. I considered it. “What IS it ?” DMN had no idea of its name, but assured me that it was beautiful, once grown and flowering. Then we both set out to discover its identity, without immediate success: for my part, entering something like “long green 3-cornered stalk” into Doctor Google and checking out what he responded with just made me enraged. Happily for us both, another friend of mine here, the beautiful Barbara, came across one at an exhibition she attended (I think) and brought me a brochure. Epiphyllum. The hitherto unhelpful Doctor G came good: I was able to email DMN with his results, and she said, unhesitatingly, that it was the oxypetalum; for she could identify it from memories of her mother’s plant’s flowering.


DMN decided to call her plant Effie; M.R. called hers Phyllis. You observe that we are both somewhat lacking in imagination when it comes to botanical nomenclature (ahem !). Anyhoo, here they are; and I need no comments regarding whose photography is better, thank-you !

DMN’s Effie

M.R.’s Phyllis

The moral of this story is: have gardening faith. Long green spears will prove amazingly fascinating, developing into sensational plants.    :)