What do I do ? – what am I to do …?

There’s a gardening show on our national television channel, the ABC, called “Gardening Australia”: it’s been running since cocky laid an egg or thereabouts.

It was upped from half an hour to an hour a while back, and that caused a problem for viewers like me: too much screen-time to fill for the programme-makers meant a step away from what the show used to be – from instructions to display.

Here’s an example:


I’ll be in my new place on the 8th of next month. It has two outside yards and a front garden, and this latter has been let go. I’m hugely looking forward to getting stuck into it and turning it into a flower garden; so advice and instructions are what I need. That “Gardening Australia” story about a young woman who’s made a small-ish commercial one is very nice,  but very lacking in actual help. In fact, there’s none at all.

The show has moved away from giving viewers information, and now provides … ahh … entertainment, I suppose: stories about the results of other people’s work, not how they did it.

This is ANNOYING. It is FRUSTRATING. And it is also SILLY.

I mean, where shall I turn now for help ?!

P.S.: https://youtu.be/zn2r0K7vnSU