I have a loathesome disease !

It’s called “trichiasis”.

It’s really painful; or really uncomfortable; or really annoying; or really distracting. Or all at once.

I’ve had this ghastly affliction for many years – I reckon around ten or so.

Why it chose me I know not. I never heard anyone in my family speak of it; and cerrtainly no-one had to visit their specialist carer to have it looked after …

So It’s apparently not genetic. Or inherited. Or familial. Whatever.

And once you’ve caught it, you’re never free of it for the rest of your days. Thank all the gods, its best feature is that it goes once you’ve had it treated; and there can be lengthy breaks until it recurs.

This is it:

REEEEEEEALLY disgusting, eh ?

Ingrowing eyelashes.