That gazania ..! – words almost fail

Remember this post ? – of course you don’t. Never mind, it don’t matter. The point is, once you’ve read the words and checked that rather pitiful little plant, I want you to consider what’s below:

It’s done exactly what I hoped it would ! – what a little ripper !  Of course, the little daisy next to it can’t be ignored, seeing as how it didn’t even exist at the time of the top photo – good little plant. As for the lavender – who knows ? I have no idea when it’ll bloom again; and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it does.

I was intending to transplant the white gaura – that’s growing in a four-legged plant-stand M made for me, years back – out to the front, now that one of the gardening volunteers has hacked away most of the bloody mirror bush.

But apparently I can’t, as gauras have a very long tap-root .. still and all, this one’s can’t be all that long, can it ? – or else it must go sideways .. Amazing how many things I can plant in the wrong place – like my little correa dusky bells, killed off by one of our intensely hot (read: over 40C) days. Did I write about that already ? – that I consulted Dr Google after the event, only to find that it’s meant to be grown in the shade. [embarrassed emoji]

I shouldn’t do anything at all at this time of year, anyway: I think real summer might be finally setting in – together with humidity. Ack ! – I can stand the heat, but I LOATHE the humidity.

Here’s hoping the little garden can cope.