It’s not really plagiarism …

Chi Wei’s site, One Dog Woof, today offers for sale a delightful pattern for a baby blanket. Being a female Methusaleh with mostly contemporaries for friends, babies are not anywhere on my horizon (I am happy to say, having never in my life felt even momentarily maternal). But her pattern provides a discovery about yarn blending !

This is a grab from her finished article:

Ain’t it AMAZING ?

She achieved that look by combining two Lion Brand yarns, Thick & Quick and Baby Soft Boucle – it’s the latter that has those teeny little beads, of course. So I shall be doing the same, ere long (NOT a baby blanket !), but with a different combo:

and I believe the result will be an absolute knockout !

I don’t mean to plagiarise, as I said: it’s just a matter of someone’s basic idea’s providing a kind of eureka moment; and all such someones should be happy !