Simply hilarious !   :D

British humour is what I grew up on. What all my generation grew up on. It’s under-stated, laid-back, light-footed and very, very amusing.

And so when I came across three promo videos from British Airways that showcase British actors I laughed so loudly that I had to shut my side door for fear of disturbing my neighbours (who would most definitely have had theirs open on account of the hideous humidity we’re going through).

I do so like that none of the people on screen minds sending him/herself up gutless !

Here are the three, in order:

  1. someone had a brilliant idea to make a safety video for BA (6’06”) using really well-known Brits;
  2. it was so successful that they made another one (5’52”)
  3. which was just as good as the first one, so they made a “behind the scenes” video (3’28”) – as you do ..

Hope you derive as much enjoyment from them as I did !