Trying something new

Just because you have no idea what it is don’t mean it’s no good, you know. [grin]

I’m crocheting a cardigan in a top-down pattern ! – first time for top-down, ever ! Of course, a knitted top-down cardi would be the ultimate challenge (yesyes Anna – I hear you saying “Not for some !” and sniffing); but that’s for STITDF. Work that one out if you can.

(Also, I am using yarn left over from a unsuccessful project. Well, in truth it wasn’t actually unsuccessful: I just totally lost interest in it. Wait till you see the third colour ! – and yes, I’m determined to use them all.)

This is a pattern from Angela at Little Monkeys Design, and I was going to begin it roughly six months ago; but I was distracted by The Shawl. Sighh ..

One of two current WIPs. T’other one is purely practical, and not for showing. Pardon ? No, it isn’t a toilet-paper cosy !