My music: I LOVED these guys ..

Three Dog Night. They were my favourite performers over those two so-long-ago decades, I think.

I didn’t even find out for – oh, years that the group’s name was an Australian Aboriginal ‘story’. But I was really mad about them: they were so .. so .. well, as Tim Minchin sang<*> not all that many years ago, “{They were} so fuckin’ ROCK” !

First offering is one that a brilliant (musical) knitting teacher whose blog I follow, PDX Knitterati, should like very much. If you perchance read this, Michele, you’ll know why I say so. [grin] It was, I read, a Beatles song, well-known for a cover version by Cilla Black. But this cover version knocks spots off anything else; and Cilla’s kind of .. faded.

Second offering was their second-biggest hit. If anyone reading this post is remotely my vintage you should remember it: it was everywhere !   :)

And the third and last song is my absolute favourite in all their huge catalogue of cover versions of songs. So strange, that: Three Dog Night never wrote a single song, but the covers they performed were very frequently better than the original versions.

Jesus, they were good ..


<*>and for those who might be Tim Minchin fans, here’s that one performed – not that it has anything to do with the ’60s and ’70s, of course !