Sighh … I’m at it again :\

I finished the Vintage Walrus – that is, as much as I’m going to do. I shall add a photo, later – because I need to have breakfasted, showered and dressed so that I can take it outside and put it on the lawn.

I’ve lost interest in it.

Two reasons: (1) because I was dreadfully disappointed in the yarn. Scheepjes Colour Crafter seemed glorious to me when I was making the lapghan for J – those two (ONLY !) shades of grey. But the coloured shades are far less nice to work with: the darker (or perhaps I mean more saturated) the colour, the rougher the strand. I HATE that ! I hate making something with yarn that has tiny bits sticking off it. And (2) because I couldn’t make the motifs without the stranded colours showing up like d*gs’ b*lls, which the designer did not intend. I have no idea how she managed to hide her stranding;  but you will admit that her blanket shows not a sign of the second colour’s being carried behind.

I forgot ! – there is a third reason ! (3) because some of the colours are very garish. The on-lne Scheepjes Colour Crafter photos contain a large proportion of very false representations of what you actually get.

So all in all, I am very dissatisfied with the finished (in my terms) article.

With me it’s all or nuthin’; is it all or nuthin’ with you …?

This is Annie Oakley signing off for the time being – until I add that photo.


Later: it rained last night, so there was no spreading it on the lawn. Although, to be honest, I wouldn’t’ve minded if it got sopping …

Yesyes, I know that the arrangement is far from poifick. That’s what happens when you lose interest. I believe I might’ve reached the point where I shall not construct ANY motif project again.

Btw: there are yarns other than SCC in there, if you observe closely … That’s because I wanted not to be using an acrylic with teeny little bits coming off it.


J’s birthday: misery   :(

July 27th is the day on which my eldest sister was born. So, as I love my eldest sister (and also my youngest sister), why the misery …?

Because what I made for her is gone. Disappeared. Vanished into the cavernous depths of the French postage system.

Remember this ?

That’s it. After all the time I spent on careful creation, realizing that it IS possible to crochet from side to side without its growing larger, or smaller, or one after the other, or both at once, or slanted … in other words, that I am actually able to create a crocheted lap blanket that’s simply straight up and down – and even without blocking ! – after all this time, as I say, it’s just – gone.

J will never set eyes on the lap blanket I made for her winters up there in Paris, in her little flat that she loves almost as much as she loves the city itself. She will never be found sitting at her desk in, say, January, writing a paper for some conference or other and keeping her lap warm with my lapghan.

So. She’s coming back to Oz in September for a brief sojourn. I must make something to replace the birthday present she never received. The Vintage Walrus must be put on hold while I do this, and that’s that.

This is where I get to make a lapghan with that amazing combo of yarns I posted about yesterday. Unhappily, it won’t be that really nice combination of greens, because I don’t have time to wait for a parcel delivery from the US – nor do I have the money (US postage to Oz is unbelievably expensive) – and instead I’ve chosen something she will like from the very limited range of colours available here.

Not a happy story, not at all. And especially because that lapghan was the first time in my life that I’ve made something plain but good, and finished it. Sighh …

Close glittering

That quartet has glitter yarn in different places.

Keep in mind, always, how bad a photographer I am when you’re doing your best to perceive it.

And last but by no means least … when the motifs are joined together there will  be no more wonky edges.

I have spoken.


Et ça marche …

Don’t sigh and roll your eyes: you knew all along you were going to have to put up with this.   ;)

Hope you’re impressed with the consistency of my dreadul photographic skills ! Not many could produce frame after frame, as do I, of appallingly bad images, you know.


Another few motifs done, and the introduction of a wee bit of glitter. Decided that it cain’t hoit … Whaddya reckon ?

Bummer. Just seen that the glitter is too subtle to be seen. Mebbe a close shot or two, next time ’round.

Only a couple of hours

That’s what it took for me to re-wind my 20 balls of yarn into centre-pull cakes. I hate that word. Mais qui pu fair ? as my Mauritian friends used to ask …

Here’s something noo. From me, that is – a very small video. It is largely in an effort to impress my new friend Hannah. If she is NOT impressed I shall be obliged to commit hara kiri; and I doubt that my idol Plácido Domingo will arrive – too late or not. He just won’t be here. Sighh …


I’ve now made 10 motifs. Shall I show you ? – of course I shall. No-one gets away without seeing my very slowly incrementing stack of ’em. Hang on: I’ll take a shot …

10 out of 73. Don’t phone, I won’t answer.   [grin]


The vintage walrus has begun

I’m fairly happy with the first few motifs, even though the row that caused me so much trouble that I had to seek help from someone on the Italian Scot’s Facebook site – which I did, of course !, by email – is also that on which the background colour cannot be hidden. Sighh … This kind woman sent me a chart; but was obliged to confess that she hasn’t actually got around to making the Walrus.

So if you check back to the picture from the pattern you can see that my motifs do actually resemble Lucia’s. Well, that’s the claim I’m making, anyway.

The odd thing is that I haven’t yet come across anyone who’s made it: Pippin Poppycock hasn’t, either. I should put my statement in context: of those with whom I’ve communicated, none has made it.

Here’s hoping I shall not become yet another of these fans who can’t seem to get around to it. At least I’ve started.


Back to Basics

When a post from a followed blog – – pointed to Lucia’s Fig Tree and her Vintage Walrus design, I gasped: if that isn’t a summation of everything glorious about motif crochet, I don’t know what is.

Such beauty !

One can say “such colours !”, but any colours would do: the original for this beauty is almost monochrome, and it still looks wonderful.

Am I going to have a go at it ? – what do you think ?!

It’s going to cost a motza for the yarn, because what would be the point in creating something like this from mediocre material ?

Anyone similarly struck by this blanket / throw / afghan / article of joy should follow my link to Pippin Poppycock so as to find out about its creator, the amazingly dual-nationed Lucia (would you believe Italian and Scottish ?!), whose output one wishes were twenty times as great.

(Can’t even contemplate buying yarn until the despicable previous agents release my bond: there’s a hearing set for the end of this month, after which life will once again become liveable.)