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Sighh … I’m at it again :\

I finished the Vintage Walrus – that is, as much as I’m going to do. I shall add a photo, later – because I need to have breakfasted, showered and dressed so that I can take it outside and put it on the lawn.

I’ve lost interest in it.

Two reasons: (1) because I was dreadfully disappointed in the yarn. Scheepjes Colour Crafter seemed glorious to me when I was making the lapghan for J – those two (ONLY !) shades of grey. But the coloured shades are far less nice to work with: the darker (or perhaps I mean more saturated) the colour, the rougher the strand. I HATE that ! I hate making something with yarn that has tiny bits sticking off it. And (2) because I couldn’t make the motifs without the stranded colours showing up like d*gs’ b*lls, which the designer did not intend. I have no idea how she managed to hide her stranding;  but you will admit that her blanket shows not a sign of the second colour’s being carried behind.

I forgot ! – there is a third reason ! (3) because some of the colours are very garish. The on-lne Scheepjes Colour Crafter photos contain a large proportion of very false representations of what you actually get.

So all in all, I am very dissatisfied with the finished (in my terms) article.

With me it’s all or nuthin’; is it all or nuthin’ with you …?

This is Annie Oakley signing off for the time being – until I add that photo.


Later: it rained last night, so there was no spreading it on the lawn. Although, to be honest, I wouldn’t’ve minded if it got sopping …

Yesyes, I know that the arrangement is far from poifick. That’s what happens when you lose interest. I believe I might’ve reached the point where I shall not construct ANY motif project again.

Btw: there are yarns other than SCC in there, if you observe closely … That’s because I wanted not to be using an acrylic with teeny little bits coming off it.


No such thing as a free lunch …

A couple of weeks ago I purchased, for the magnificent sum of US44 (if I remember correctly), a software to produce animation. I did so because of the man from whom I had, much earlier, purchased a software for the creation of websites: I need to re-make Chic’s and my travel sites as they are comprised of a mishmash of ancient software that WordPress can’t handle. This web-builder is so like my beloved Dreamweaver 8 that I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity; and although I don’t like the man who sells it, when he sent around a huge rave about the animation thingy, “I’m having so much fun playing with it” etc., I thought I’d give it a go. It was, he said (more or less), as easy as falling off a log.

Guess what ? Right. It isn’t. My eyes started crossing almost as soon as I’d installed it. Yes, there are approx. 1,000 videos on every detail; but who needs software that you can’t make a move on without watching a video to enable doing anything at all ? I asked for a refund – getting which, their sales pitch insisted, was as easy as falling off a log.

I explained that I’m too old for their software, that it isn’t as easy as anyone said, and that I only bought it because the web-builder had said how much fun it was, which it wasn’t. They demurred. I insisted. They threw up their hands and refunded me, and I picked myself up from over the log.

However !

I have, since then, received roughly ten emails a day from them. Here is a small selection:

It never stops. I’ve unsubscribed too many times to remember; and I’ve written directly to them to ask them to stop sending me emails. It just keeps coming. And I can only assume that it will do so for eternity or until I kark (yes, whichever comes first !).

As for the web-builder, I haven’t even got started, yet. I will, I will. I WANT to. I’m just a bit … alarmed at the thought of all that re-learning. But 90-second Web-Builder will be utilised. At some stage.

And Animaytor ? – I have called down upon its collective head every curse I can think of. Let this be a lesson to you: US44 may get you an amazing deal; but it will also get you marketing email till the end of time.


Can’t make it out :\

See these ?

Yarn bowls. Sold by all the big companies and made by hand by many creative people. Question: when did you last see a ball of yarn that would fit into one ?

Oh sure, one can buy one’s classy wool or blend in skeins and have to haul out the swift and the ball-winder, ending up with a round cake of whatever; but in most cases the cake is too big for the average yarn bowl. And anyway, yarn one buys in skeins is always very expensive (around, say, AUD36 and not necessarily all that many metres).

Buying the kind of yarn I’m currently using sees big fat soft … erhmm … sort of oval-shaped balls[*] that can’t possibly fit any yarn bowl I’ve ever seen. And they are, in fact, these oval-shaped balls, absolutely infuriating: they’re designed to be pulled from the outside; but woven in such a way that they have to either turn over and over when you’re yanking them, or you can’t yank as you go but must pull off lengths of yarn every so often. I find that so irritating that I frequently feel like throwing them on the floor.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this ? I mean, is it just me, using the yarn somehow incorrectly ? Why isn’t the world full of grumpy people knitting or crocheting and muttering ?

If all yarn were produced to be pulled from the centre I’d be as happy as a pig in horrid stuff: the ball/s (current project has me using two at a time) just sit there, as well-behaved as anything; no turning over and over and tightening in the process, no need to keep unwinding lengths in advance … (Of course, there is the downside of how do you manage to rewind if you need to frog.)

I need answers. Hope to get some.



[*] once you’ve got ’em going, that is: they start out with ‘waists’ under the label – slightly hourglass-shaped


I need putting out of my misery :\

Maybe a bit OTT, that title …

But the time I’ve had in the last several days is not that which I’d wish on anyone else. Nope: while the end could possibly be said to justify the means, them means oughtn’t make such demands !

First, I had new carpet laid. Not easy, inasmuch as I was obliged to have my lovely removalist take away all the furniture from the lounge and the two bedrooms – prior to which I had to empty everything (of course). Stashed as much as possible in the bathroom/laundry (great preponderance of that coupling here in Geelong’s rented premises), and lugged the rest out onto the back … thingy. Not a verandah; not even a back room: a kind of cubby made by ‘building in’ one end of a rear yard. Happy was I that it’s there: dunno what I could possibly have done had it not been !

Anyway. It all had to be reversed at carpet-laying’s end – one bloke only, had to work his (_|_) off – and then I collapsed. Happily, M was there to help in several ways, or I would’ve done the collapsing sooner. Dramatically.

It IS nice but – the new carpet.   :)

Then I spilled coffee on my laptop keyboard. Oh CHRIST ! – never done it before in my entire IT-related existence. The happy ending is this gorgeous new Acer ‘Aspire 5’, now the pride of my existence. But even though spending the entire arvo on it today, I’m nowhere near completing its setting-up with Favourites on the browser and software on the taskbar.

Then I lost my purse. Again. Only 5 months since the last time. Talk about screaming and tearing my hair … Had to stop my debit card – no choice, as the bloody things can simply be tapped and need no password/whatever. Need I say that about ten minutes after finalising the card’s stopping, I was phoned and told my purse was found …? – thought not.

I’m absolutely stuffed. So much so that I cannot think of a single image to add to this post. I might, later … Something to do with WHINGEING, I fancy … AHA !!! – found it …

My life … [grin]