WIPs are multiplying like rabbits   :(

It took me forever to finish another cardi; and as I ran out of wool I was obliged to crochet the drop-shoulder sleeves out of a much darker blue. In trying to provide an (unspoken) excuse, I used the same darker blue to edge around the whole thing. End result: wearing it, I look as if I have peripheral artery disease of the arms. Sighh ..

I was stuck doing this bloody thing for so long that when I finally finished it I instantly began on something entirely different to excise the V-stitch from my mind: having found a very appealing afghan square that a crocheting Pom I admire, the inexhaustible Dora Does, had come up with, I started in on that.

I call it ‘my bed of nails’. Imagine a whole afghan of these squares !   [grin]

But then, I was completely sidetracked by coming across a faaabulous scarf/shawl created by the talented Icelander, Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar. She based her design on her idea of a tartan; but it’s open to endless variation. I have begun this, too – 297-stitch chain !

I’m expecting – nay, hoping for, rather – a delivery of Noro Silk Garden on Tuesday morning; this I was informed by Australia Post would be delivered last Thursday ! Pfuh ! The porpoise of the Noro is a knit-along on the site of Michele Lee Bernstein, of whose work, too, I am an admirer.

From Michele’s site I’m going to learn how to knit entrelac without using several different balls of yarn at once ! I already know how to make tunisian crochet entrelac, and have a photo of a swatch I did to show my eldest sister of an array of blues:

by which she was unimpressed, thank all the gods. I mean, all those ends ..

Unlike Hannah, who thrives on WIPs by the dozen, they only make me feel stressed. I have decided that although I’m now well in to the other two, it’s Michele’s entrelac I shall actually make my next project. WHEN I lay hands on my wool.   [grump grump ..]

We use the term W(ork)I(n)P(rogress) largely to mean something sitting somewhere not being worked on, do we not ? Or is it meant to describe everything that’s actually been started but not finished, including the one we’re working on ..?

Lion Brand crochet pattern WIP

The pattern is called, unfortunately, “Curvy Girl”. I suppose I’m happy that the noun isn’t spelled “Grrl”, or something: it’s enough that the adjective, decided on by The Industry (only the gods know which one) causes eye-rolling ..

I can link to it because it’s free – although you’ll have to join ’em to be able to download anything. Should you want to ..

Moving around to the other side of the dining-room table, we have ..

and where the rest of the shots went, I have NO IDEA: I framed them to show all edges ! Sighh ..

Here’s the beginning of the left front:

Two points to be made about this project: (1) it’s an Ice Yarn, a worsted acrylic that’s non-pilling. The sole colourway available was this, so I bought it. <*> I fell in love with it the moment I opened the parcel, and have told Ice Yarns so. They are pleased. Unfortunately, photos don’t show it to its best – all mixed colour yarns have this problem; so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

And (2), the pattern itself is, like, weird. The back – as ever, the first part – is written is such a way that I found myself counting rows over and over and still not knowing if I were doing the right thing in the right row. It’s not .. ahh .. wrong; it’s just written with a very strange method of repeat. I emailed Lion Brand, and while they were friendly, they were unprepared to acknowledge my point about the strangeness. So I must assume that the way I’ve understood crochet patterns over these last fifty or so years is me interpreting incorrectly. Amazing it’s ever worked ..


<*> Who knows where I got that idea ? – I don’t: there’s a whole range of this yarn (see link). But the one I saw solo somewhere on the site is the best, anyway !