The two flagships

Crochet has a flagship and knitting another; and both of them are very fine craft indeed !

First, tunisian crochet as immediately  below.

Looks simple, doesn’t it ? – but a bit weird with that crochet hook holding multiple stitches … Tunisian has such a variety of stitches; and this one, TSS or tunisian simple stitch, is just the beginning.


And second, brioche knitting.

This one looks almost unbelievably complicated: it sort of is, but it can be mastered ! If I can get on top of it, anyone can, believe me.

There will be posts going into much more detail on both: you have been warned !

I consider these two examples to be the acme of C&K: the ultimate of each craft. I aspire to create things in each; and one day I shall amaze the world.



4 thoughts on “The two flagships

  1. I could never ‘get’ crocheting. When I knitted bootees for my babies, I avoided crochet trim, except one pair and I got a friend to finish them off. This craft looks very interesting, and very very creative. Good for the old brains cells, no doubt.


    • Yep, already wrote it on my desk calendar on tomorrow’s to-do list – look up Brioche knitting. I have so many idle days when we’re away from home in the camper. I can see a creative outlet and hand exercises in one while sitting by the water in my camp chair, whiling away the slow hours until time to crack a stubby or pour a merlot or tawny port. I can also see myself unravelling that unfinished sweater I just alluded to in your 87,000 followers post. Such concentration would be great for the brain synapses. :)

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  2. Oh yes, Christine ! – frogging can be really therapeutic ! I do it so often, I oughta know ..
    I was sorry to learn of your little mate’s loss: and you seem to have observed that I lost Lui last year. but every cloud, and all that. You guys travel more, I would guess; and I have the smallest and most adorable cat in the world.


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