About (might as well)

  • 31 years married to The Perfect (for me) Husband 
  • now astoundingly ancient
  • only in years but !
  • :)
  • used to be a Sydneysider
  • then a Geelong-ite (?)
  • now back in a Melbourne suburb
  • had a book I wrote published
  • was a prolific blogger at that time
  • have a gorgeous small moggy
  • umm … no, that’s it.

13 thoughts on “About (might as well)

  1. Wonderful to see you again. I’m not blogging these days, only visiting old friends on an occasional basis as I am a wholly smitten granny (one in London 20 months, one in Chicago 15 months – all rather a surprise) and the physically fitter partner in our marriage, so running house, garden, car etc. Kitting, domesticity, gardening, music, cooking – we’re on the same page. Love H.

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  2. I know you won’t believe me, but I dreamed about you the other night. It’s no mystery: it was because I had had reason to re-read your totally wonderful review of ATLMD .. But it started me off wondering about your wellfare, and your incredible writing ability, ad your equally incredible garden, and – oh, everything about you.
    I really miss your blogging presence, Hilary; but even I wouldn’t want to drag you away from such joy.
    I do hope your husband isn’t needing your help for frightening reasons.
    Oh, DO drop by when you can: you have no idea how much pleasure it’s given me to hear from you.


  3. Me too, I have often wondered how you were getting on, so I am cheered you are up and running again on the web. You won’t see much of me as I struggle to find any computer time and hate a full inbox. I will visit, even if I don’t comment! My husband has been slowing up for some years and has a gentle version of Parkinson’s Disease. He is very much himself, but balance and motor skills are affected. Our grandchildren are great rejuvenators.

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  4. Actually, I often do go back to the beginning of a new-blogger-to-me’s blog, and am frustrated if they don’t have an archives link in their side-bar. If I like a new blogger I like to understand them a bit more, and I love first posts!

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  5. Well I never! I happened to be rereading a post on which I had put a link to your blog (back in 2014) and I clicked to see what happened and it brought me here! Well not here exactly, but to your blog. I had no idea that you were posting on this one again, I know you had a crochet blog, but not being into that sort of stuff I wasn’t following you. So nice to find you again, and that you are mostly well and enjoying life in Melbourne. And on the move too! I shall follow you instantly so I can enjoy your somewhat interesting views on life 😂
    Jude xx

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  6. How I remember the day on which we actually met, Jude .. Sydney, very early summer, heat already around. You were late. I was grumpy. And then it hit the news: that horrible, tawdry, fatal terrorist attack in the CBD’s Lindt café. Your taxi had got caught up in the police “preventative” traffic diversions, yes ?
    Why am I recalling this ?! [slaps one hand with the other]
    Jude, it gives me great pleasure to hear from you. In the continuous peripatetic chaos of my life. I shall go to “Hey Jude” to say hello among flowers and lovely things.


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