I love our blogging community ! 33

A while ago now, Sparkonit posted a most gratifying list of blogs it referred to as “awesome” and to be followed.

Those of us fortunate enough to be cited in the list immediately checked out all the others in it as a first reaction. As you do.   :-)

One of the list is that from which you see a screengrab, above: Simon Johnson’s extraordinarily well-written cycling travels in Ireland and Wales, culminating in travelling through some of England before reaching his home again. Simon’s ability to write interestingly on the travels themselves, coupled with an amazing ability to provide background information, beats anything Chic and I wrote of our travels into a cocked hat: I found his posts absolutely fascinating. But nevertheless I managed to find the odd thing to niggle about, and did so.

You wot knows me understands that I niggle only when I think you’re letting the side down, regardless if it’s only a fraction; by which I mean that I think you’ve done [X] that’s had some effect on the quality of your post. As to who the devil I think I am to say things of this nature – there is no answer: it’s just me.

In spite of this, Simon’s found time to read my book. Only the gods know how, and he has a lot of things going on in his life – or would certainly like some of them to be going on that aren’t yet ! – but he has … as his post accessible via that screengrab attests. He will be providing his actual review tomorrow …

And by the way; another of the bloggers on the list is Barbara Pyett, who reviewed “ATLMD” a short time ago.

No-one could be surprised by my appreciation of this blogging community.

Your correspondent admits 48

I gave another of my library talks on Tuesday evening.

It wasn’t one of the big audiences, but only – ermm … [thinks] … about seven people, We sat in lovely comfy chairs, with a big plate of nibblies of various kinds and a tray of bottles of nice stuff (including champers !). I had a glass of a very nice white: I needed something, as at that stage I thought no-one at all was going to turn up – it was pissing down, outside. But they did, all at once, and off we went. I mean, of course, off I  went …

It was the first time I’d talked in so intimate a setting: I blame my behaviour on that – surely not on one measly glass of white !

For I think I must have showed/shown off dreadfully. I confess that I’ve always been ready to do that – to show off – and every one of you who is itching to say “Tell me about it !” can go to blazes.    :-)

I gave a version of The Talk, and then read Sue Terry’s review of “ATLMD” to them; this I had decided would put the book in a better light, so to speak, than its author could (as she is bound to say nice things about it, isn’t she ?!). And I finished with reading them a very  short chapter. Then I said “Now ask me something” and sat back.

To my surprise, it was the first group who didn’t ask me about the film industry: no, I found we were discussing, to my appalled horror, my abilities as a speaker ! This is not meant to happen, and I floundered under the compliments: I am hopeless at being gracious in such circumstances, and want nothing more than for it to stop.  This is A Failing, as has been pointed out to me: one is meant to be able to accept nice things said to one and not screw one’s face up and look the other way. Something to do with self-esteem, right ?

Those of you who have already read “ATLMD” know that said quality is not … ahh … omnipresent in your correspondent. I do realize that those who haven’t can be forgiven for thinking I’m a loudmouth smart-(_|_) who thinks the sun shines out of the same spot, but that’s just years of brazening it out. I think …

But then I have to admit the business of the showing-off.


They don’t marry. How can one person be a frightful show-off and have no self-esteem at the same time ?

Nothing to do with extra- or introversion (sorry, Chris !) …

I must still be fodder for someone to trepan me and stare fixedly into what I laughingly refer to as my brain, and then come up with a pronouncement of amazing depth and wisdom.

I sure could use one.

I know, I know – but … 32

ScienceDumpDon’t sigh and roll your eyes, because we’ve all (and recently) been discussing this … I’ve never seen the topic presented in so compelling a manner before – and I’m ready to bet you haven’t, either. Unless, of course, you’ve already laid eyes on this Science Dump video …

Daylight Saving NEEDS to be talked about – or at least read about – because the reasons for its origins might as well be lost in the mists of time for all the sense it makes now.

If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

Originally posted on It's the people and places.:

I’m over it.

I’m so fucking over it. And if you’re not over it as well; if you’re not angry about it, you’re not paying attention.

It’s a topic I’ve written about before. A lot, actually. And I’ll keep writing about it, keep speaking about it, and keep being furious about it until somebody listens.

Figures from the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research showed that domestic violence bucked the state-wide decline in all other major offences in December 2013, reaching its highest level in 15 years, according to reports last week.

On average, New South Wales police receive 94 domestic violence assault reports every single day. That’s over three women per hour.

Three women an hour. And much like the issue of sexual assault, the media and public outcry has been practically non-existent.

Once again, I want to know why the fuck we’re not all…

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From a library talk 50

NOTE: For those who may be reading ATLMD, this review does contain what could be described as spoilers (“Sweetie !”) …

Colleen Gillespie says:

Dear M.R.,

MMLRMy copy of And Then Like My Dreams arrived rather swiftly through Australia Post, and was gratefully received Monday lunchtime. I couldn’t put it down and had the whole book read by Tuesday night! I will attempt as best I can to give you my thoughts, You will gather from this that my writing is not so hot – however, I am an avid reader.

What an absolute joy it was to read this beautiful warts and all love story, despite it ending in utter devastation for you. All I can say is you certainly found a rare diamond in C.S and he obviously felt the same way about you. How blessed you both were to find each other. My tears tumbled when I read of his passing.

The feasts C.S. cooked for you, oh my you had me salivating. Cooked with so much love as the main ingredient it was bound to taste sensational. Yummy I would have loved to have savoured one of your birthday lunches.

I laughed loudly at C.S. responses in tricky situations such as your train journey when you were crying about Mr W and he said he didn’t think Mr W would be doing likewise. Aaaah lovely humour.

Enjoyed immensely the background of the Australian Film Industry, how intriguing!!

Your travels abroad make me want to jump on the next plane out of here. Wonderful!

I would like to add how proud C.S. would be of you having honoured his contribution as the best stills photographer of his time at the National Film Institute of Australia in Canberra. The tears well again.

Loving your blog.

Wishing you everything good in life,


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Architecture on the move 27


“Walking City: An Evolving Video Sculpture Morphs in Response to Architecture February 5

Created by Universal Everything, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture that gradually changes form through dozens of permutations while the core motion, the act of walking, remains the same.

Referencing the utopian visions of 1960’s architecture practice Archigram, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture. The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters.

At almost 8 minutes long it’s a captivating view for such a simple premise, it’s fun to imagine the buildings and architectural designs that inspire each step.”

I have absolutely NO IDEA why this fascinates me as it does. All I can say is that I find it completely absorbing, and I hope that at least someone else does, too. The concept of a sort of travelling matte being used to show arhcitecture’s evolving I find … marvellous.

Liz Turner has just told me that she finds it an analogy of life, generally … and I concur ! Damn those photog.s: they think of everything !   :-D

Anyone needy of IT help …? 43

Let me shout first and loudest – ME ME ME !!!

Stringer was the brains in our household and taught me a great deal more than I know. (I once knew it, honestly …) Without him, I can find my way around, by and large, but as to being able to solve unspeakably irritating problems like WTF has gone wrong with my Chrome browser … no way. Bloody alas !!!

jaklumenMy time of IT-lack-suffering may have come to an end: I came across a bloke this-arvo – no, he found me, actually, the kind feller ! – whose site looks so promising as to make me feel positively hopeful.

He hasn’t been going long; so I reckon that anyone who has an IT problem s/he can’t solve without help should go to jaklumen’s site (click on icon, as ever) and … ASK !

I am about to do that myself.

When I’ve finished my list.   [fiendish grin]

I Conquer The World With Words


   Terri has just excelled herself in poetry choice …

Originally posted on vita ante acta:

I conquer the world with words,
conquer the mother tongue,
verbs, nouns, syntax.
I sweep away the beginning of things
and with a new language
that has the music of water the message of fire
I light the coming age
and stop time in your eyes
and wipe away the line
that separates
time from this single moment.

Nizar Qabbani

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A home sweet home 72

Since you know already (the words have fallen from my own lips) that I’m an obsessive compulsive, you will not be astounded to learn that I Move Furniture.

Pardon ?

No, not other people’s – my own !!!

WILL you stop interrupting ?! – I’ve hardly got started …

Oh, ALright: I’ll state it more clearly then, so you’ll stop asking with raised eyebrows how it is that a person with a crook lower back indulges herself in so physical an entertainment …

I like to have my furniture differently arranged, from time to time: and so I have friends shove it about for me.

There ! – happy now?   ;-)

It’s not that I just suddenly decide the loungeroom has to Look Different: rather, I suddenly find that there’s some aspect of living in it that needs to be addressed.

Lately it’s been the two rear speakers, the ones sitting up high on top of the bookshelves at one end of the loungeroom: they’re designed, unsurprisingly, to be behind me in the surround-sound setup. What I had no idea of was that they hadn’t really been functioning for a while, as my receiver/amp was slowly karking; and when I bought a ‘second-hand’ (read, a teeny-weeny ding on one edge – so small that now I can’t find it again) Yamaha receiver/amp they suddenly sprang back into life.

Only problem was that they were at that point pumping their sound directly into my left ear.

So obviously the furniture had to be moved – what else ?!

I’m tickled pink with the current arrangement – achieved by two huge blokes who used to live in a flat on my floor, but the family has since moved to a different block, six or seven minutes’ walk away. The dad is about 6’4” and the son roughly 6’6”, and they’re both big men. Ideal furniture-movers.   [grin]

Last night I had audio coming from all directions, once more – I have standing speakers on either side of the rack and another underneath – and wondered how I’d forgotten what that’s like.

“And so say all of us !”

PDG, that’s what it’s like !

It’ll be terrific to be able to watch the 3rd and last series of Sherlock (the DVD arrived yesterday) within the entire audio setup – I wrote that just to drive Deanna mad.   :-)

Still haven’t worked out what to do with my DVDs though; I decided that I really like having them in their covers, so the envelope solution won’t cut it for me. What I really need is a carpenter who will make me a bigger set of shelves, of course … and a cat platform for Lui to sit up high on … and— sighh … Never going to happen: carpenters charge about as much as plumbers, I believe.

Ob-la-di, ob-la da …