Experimenting …

I have the space upgrade that should enable me to play music. Occasionally. That is, if this works, I mean only occasionally to utilise this ability, and certainly not normally to provide a track of this length. But this is a very particular track …

ATLMD readers may possibly remember a chapter that starts with my recounting an anecdote in which Stringer and I had watched an episode of a marvellous Italian music show we used to get direct from Galaxy-TV (when it lived), and, loving particularly a song in this ep., decided to ‘phone up Rai-TV to ascertain its name ! Which we did, which total success. Such fun, with me trying on my fairly ghastly Italian, and the show’s host giving every sign of comprehending it all !     :-)

I know I shouldn’t be doing this: I’m probably breaking every rule of musical copyright in the entire world. I honestly don’t intend to make a habit of it !!

But … this is that song. It still speaks to me.

“Un mondo che non c’è”; Enzo Gragnaniello, rel. Hydra Music1993.



Thursday’s Special: Enchanted

Paula’s Thursday non-challenge comes around again …


With a topic like this week’s, it really impossible to avoid things like historical ruins, don’t you agree ? – and I lean in that direction all the time, anyway. Stringer and I went to Europe to look for them, after all.     :-)

(You can see more pictures of the area on our travel site, should you so wish, at http://stringertravelling.com.au/history/TripPagesHTML/carennac3.htm#)

So here’s my entry for this week; a ruin that’s the subject of argument amongst historians. Les Ruines de Taillefer have been explained in a couple of different ways; but we didn’t care – we just thought they were beautiful.

And enchanted …


Daily Prompt: Breaking the Ice

The internet has recently been swept up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Is there a cause — social, political, cultural, or other — you passionately believe in? Tell us how you got involved — or why you don’t get involved.



(1) In Australia, just as throughout the entire world, lung cancer kills people who smoke. I will acknowledge that it also kills some who don’t; but the enormous majority of its victims were once smokers.

I can tell you for a fact that it’s a terrible and almost always fatal disease unless diagnosed sufficiently early, when no metastasis has occurred and a lung can still be removed: the man I have loved above everyone else in my life was taken by it.

(2) In Australia, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) is known as Motor Neuron Disease, because American baseball is … well, American.

I can tell you for a fact that it’s a terrible and, currently, fatal disease: the woman I loved most was taken by it.

I believe passionately in medical research into both conditions. If there were any way in which I could make a difference to either of them, I would, WILLINGLY.

But the only way I could conceivably help would be to donate funds to bodies researching them. I cannot: I have no money to spare. For a while I did contribute monthly to Cancer NSW; but I had to stop because the cost of everything keeps rising and our current government has decided to increase the age pension only occasionally. And anyway, lung cancer is not a topical issue, these days; and the reports I received from Cancer NSW as a someone regularly donating showed every other cancer you can think of but not the  one I wanted to help the research into.

Having reached that point in my life – LONG since ! – where people do who the employing believe I am either stupid or incapable or a goddam nuisance for even asking (and I have no idea why, to any of them !), and the sole other way in which I could ‘participate’ being closed to me, I have to accept that I cannot be involved at all in the search for a solution to either of these unsolved killers.





No funding involved

Don’t panic ! – I’m not sending you to a site where you’ll be expected to cough up. This project is not only over-funded but closed: you’re quite safe.     :-)

I came across a mention of it in my so-often-visited “Colossal”: but the indiegogo site provides tons more fascinating information. We’re talking here about … wait for it … ORIGAMI ! Yes ! – paper-folding.

Have I gone bonkers ? (Shut up, all of you !)

I do not believe so. When you see this handsome young bloke who lives in Switzerland doing his thang, your eyes will pop out.  Trust me ….


Time for another dose !

The first comment that follows this article in “The Conversation” declares that it should be made compulsory reading for everybody.

You might think he means every Aussie body; but in fact I suspect the contents of this article apply to most Governments’ Treasurers (who all seem to be totally unqualified to hold their posts, for reasons as shown herein) and thus to … well, indeed everybody !

It’s long; but it’s FASCINATING.


Goin off-line and returning

There were a couple of things about “Dynamic News” that I wasn’t happy about. Yes, there are with every theme, I agree.

And yes, I admit for the umpteenth time that I’m an obsessive, and also that I love to change themes and play about with the CSS.

You have nothing to complain about: it keeps you on your toes and prevents early onset Alzheimer’s.

This one comes with its own ‘portfolio’ navigation: just click the three parallel lines block at the top right, and Bob’s yer uncle. It also comes with its own ‘Home’ button: this was one of my real irritations, as I simply couldn’t remember to keep inserting the html. As I’m going through all posts to remove it, there are so many it doesn’t appear in that if I hit myself on the side of the head for each one, I’d be flat out on the floor in no time.

Sure, it’s actually meant for photog.s; but I don’t give a shit. Don’t press the ‘grid’ view, and you won’t be irritated.     :-D

Widgets are in the same right sidebar as are the Categories (menu). I’m currently working on changing all the font colors to white: but it’s a wee bit tricky. I will get there in the end; and if I don’t, Rich will.

AND ! If you read a post you’ve just been advised about, and then hit the Home button, you can use the down arrow in that side bar to jump between all following posts !!! Shee-yit !! – is that good, or what ?     [grin]


Black & White Sunday: Bridge


That’s Paula’s own post for her weekend monochrome – somewhat more well-known than mine …

This is the bridge over the Aveyron at Belcastel, a beautiful little town in which we spent one night for the express purpose of eating a HIGHLY recommended meal. It was pretty good, but not the best we ever ate. It was easily, however, the most expensive.

As I mention in ATLMD, I was afforded a single piece of each of three (cow, sheep, goat) cheeses at its end, and was outraged at such parsimony ! I had become a fromage appassionata – sorry about the French/Italian combo ! – many years before; and the cheese cheating didn’t sit well with me at all … I believe I made up for it at other and nicer restaurants, though,     :-)

The blogosphere, Writings

NOT a review …

This-morning I found out why scheduling an overnight post is not a good idea. I would far rather that this post were my only one for today, and I could easily have posted the previous one tomorrow …

When I came to my PC I found that H has posted – precisely when, I don’t know; but I did go early to bed, last night – a … not-review of ATLMD.

H has written her response to the book – that’s how she describes it. And indeed that’s what it is, written now because of feelings of obligation, while experiencing crushing personal sadness. Neither of us had any pre-knowledge or intention that her own grief would arise at this time; and I must say that if getting this ‘response’ written was of any help to her at all – if only in taking her mind off things more immediate – I would get down on my knees and thank any god who felt himself responsible.

She’s something like half my age, is H, and has a family of her own. She is extraordinarily talented in many areas (ignore her protestations regarding this), and manages to fit amazing numbers of things into her life. In all these things we are totally dissimilar. But in just about everything else, we keep finding eery similarities. I call her my completely unalike doppelgänger, for her sins (which I suspect are myriad !).

Please read it. As responses go, it’s pretty well up there. And as reviews don’t go, it’s pretty well up there …


MILMARIPOSAS: música en Lengua de Signos

I don’t simply re-blog this page, because it’s in Spanish and not everyone might be able to apply Google translate — dunno.

This is the site of my beautiful Spanish friend Laura, who is a teacher; and her fields include education, disability, psychology and guidance. In these contexts she comes up with some fascinating and horizon-widening posts; and mine is about her latest.

MILMARIPOSAS: Sign Language music

The fact that sign language is not heard does not mean you can’t sing along. With its visual nature it provides many possibilities; and we can use it to write poetry or sing, because music is not just for listeners.

This Finnish rap group is called ‘Signmark’. The peculiarity of the group is that its lead ‘singer’ is deaf.

Marko Vuoriheimo became interested in poetry and rap in childhood, and began translating letters to sign language. His friends saw this, and encouraged him to form a group with two other members (who can hear). Signmark was created and the group today is known worldwide.

I have fallen instantly in love with their music – well, as represented by these two videos, anyway. Laura has some other groups on her page, but I care nought for them: Signmark is simply ACE ! And you may even end up agreeing with my postulation that rap was meant for signing …     :-)

DAMMIT !! Hell and damnation !!! – look what I just found on the Signmark site ! –


Thursday’s Special: Siesta


Here’s an oldie but a goodie, entered only a day late – I believe, in North American terms ? – for Paula’s non-challenge:

It WAS a Sunday, and The Doctor was asleep, whilst I had been – until Stringer decided to sit down and share the couch with us. Mind you, there wasn’t much nicer than that family 3S: I was never once grumpy about being awoken under such circ.s !

Especially as he then went and made us a late brekky …     :-)

Addendum: I entirely forgot to explain how this pic. came into being ! A very dear friend of ours, Francis (who’s in The Book) and his sister Liz – both of whom grew up in the house next-door to ours so my family knew them all our lives – were spending a weekend or so with us in  the new house that Chic had built on Dangar Island. Francis took this photo; you can tell that someone who knew us very well had done so, eh …?

The blogosphere

Time for another collection

Roge keeps sending ‘em, and every now and then I think you might like to see them … So here are some more cute pic.s to make you go – all together, now ! …


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