The Smallening (6)

This-morning I weighed in at 99 kilos.

Almost nothing gone, last week. Well, half a brick’s worth. Shit happens.

As has been boringly explained, the perfect progress is loss of a brick per week; so the total number gone means I do not need to shed tears or wring my hands, let alone slash my wrists over this very small movement downwards.    :)

It certainly gives some well-deserved rest to those unfortunates parting with moolah on my account !

Youse may be relieved, however, to learn that I have an appointment on Monday to discuss with Emily, the women’s trainer at the gym that will be opening on the ground floor in two weeks, what can be done for me in terms of an exercise plan. Until then, I will continue with my pathetic little walkings, and dream …



More shame

Home again

but with some trepidation:


How would you like to be facing what will inevitably turn out to be 40° in November ???

OKOK ! – sorry I asked: you’d like it fine, right ?   {grin}

That cloud mentioned was around when Lui Stringer got me up at 4am, but is long gone and it’s only 7:30. So there’s nothing to prevent the sun’s getting hotter, and hotter, and hotter, and …

Jude m’dear: are you not happy we met for brunch on Wednesday rather than today ???

I am meant to be taking my dear friend The Goanna out to lunch today to celebrate her birthday a few days ago: fortunately, the plan (and booking) is at a delightful Italian ristorante :

the lighter grey shape saying ‘17-21’ is my building, and below it (I THINK that may actually be due east) is a shape saying ‘2-14’, which is the building housing Il Tappo Osteria ! Doesn’t take a shitload of commuting to get there, eh ?


But I shall be kind, and check with her to see if she wants to venture forth into the mouth of the devil …

Addendum: I am a rude old fart ! I forgot to thank everyone for your delightful good wishes for my away day, yesterday – so I do it now. THANK YOUSE ALL !!!   :)

I had a most brilliant time: this is a family I’ve known almost my entire life, and I love them with all my heart. I even got to see No. 1 Daughter as well, who came by to say hello; and I was fed Sarah’s marvellous food all day. (This is going to have some effect on tomorrows’s Needles & Pins, but I don’t care !)

Away day

At 7:00am my ’plane takes off for Geelong – just for the day.

I’m off to visit, with very much joy, beloved friends who live there. It is, of course, going to somewhere above 30° today in that area, and a mere 25° or so here in Sydney.


You won’t be hearing from me for the rest of Thursday, Australian Eastern Summer Time.

Make hay while, etc., etc.


Today’s birthday (Irma)

I have spoken before of my beautiful Romanian friend, Irma: she is a lecturer in English, so you could most DEFINITELY say she is (at least !) bi-lingual.

Thus you need not fear that visiting her site will be a waste of your time: nono ! – I hope it will be appreciated, for certainly it will be understood !   :D

You could always tell her

“La mulți ani, Irma !”

too – and feel very smug !

She will without doubt share her cake with you, if you’re nice ….   ;)

Today’s birthday (Lindy)

Enjoying life wherever we are

They keep coming, eh ? – hardly surprising. Imagine how many of us bloggers are out there, wandering in the Blogosphere waiting for our birthdays to arrive, and hoping …


Today it’s Lindy’s birthday – Mrs Bearfoot to those of us who know her already. I feel as if I’ve known Lindy for absolutely yonks: in fact, since she and her husband’s site went under another name (this one’s better !). As she lives in … in … in the Mid West, I believe (apologies, Lindy !), her birthday will start at least in the vicinity of when this post appears; so you will have PLENTY of time to visit her site with your birthday wishes.


Happy birthday, dear Lindy ! – and at least double the number to come !

Music and pain

Silver in the Barn

My friend Barbara, whose site this is, has composed a most moving post about slavery in the Deep South.

I’ve no idea who Kate Campbell is; but she has a lovely, melodious voice, and she plays the piano beautifully …

Being deep in listening to Gabaldon’s Outlander series – currently listening to book 7 of the 8 – the topic is of particular interest to me at this time. What I wasn’t prepared for is the sight of some of the decaying mansions of those times: I’d had no idea that families had had to walk away from them because of emancipation – and it makes me happy. But the old mansions themselves are somehow … awful. Sad and bad. Full of echoes of voices of people who considered themselves ‘superior’.


See for yourself: read for yourselves. I am somewhat cast down …

A political joke !

An airplane with five passengers on board was about to crash; but there were only four parachutes …

The first passenger said “I am President Obama, leader of the most powerful nation. The world needs me: it can’t afford for me to die.”

So he took the first parachute and jumped out.

The second passenger, Tony Abbott, said “I am the Prime Minister of Australia; and I am the smartest man in Australian history so Australia’s people don’t want me to die.”

He took the second parachute and exited the aircraft.

The third passenger, John Kerry, said “I’m a Senator and a decorated war hero of the Army of the United States of America.”

He grabbed the parachute next to him and jumped.

The fourth passenger, ex-President Bill Clinton, said to the fifth passenger – a 10-year-old schoolgirl – “I have lived a full life and served my country the best I could. I will sacrifice my life and let you have the last parachute.”

The little girl said “That’s okay, Mr President: there’s a parachute left for you…  Australia’s smartest man just took my schoolbag.”


To my immense joy this was seen somewhere on-line, and sent to me by email from my blogging friend, Steven Santos. There are those of you who have been wondering where he is, these days (as I was); and I can at least say that he’s fine – just caught up in Other Things !

TWO birthdays today (Kanzen & Luke)

I think the polite way of selecting which one to go first is as in “ladies first !”, so we have

  1. Kanzen, and
  2. Luke

with the former living in Virginia and the latter in the UK; so you have to do a bit of travelling to get to wish them both HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!    :D

Kanzen is a blogger of the general kind – like many of us – and her heritage gives her the benefit of many things (including haikus, I suppose. But it is well known that I am not a haiku fan, so we’ll gloss over that …).


She is a totally delightful tiny person, and deserving of everyone’s most sincere greetings. I do suspect, however, that if she gets the irrits with any of us, we can expect a savage kick in the shins.


Luke is completely different. Well, for starters, he’s a bloke !

His blog is mostly about … erhmm … series | cinema | gaming | literature | philosophy | science | society. There now: that’s his nav bar, and it’s the easiest way to tell you.

You can check ’em both out (for those who don’t already know ’em) when you drop in to extend birthday greetings, yes ?

And their cakes ?, I hear you cry …

HB, Kanzen !!! :-)

and also

HB to you, too, Luke ! :-)


The weakness of being weak …

Anyone who’s had the perseverance to keep perusing my posts|comments of late may have some idea of the fact that I keep complaining of being tired.

Like, REALLY tired.

So tired that every bloody thing has been an effort – and I mean absolutely everything !

This started some months ago; and I’ve been attributing it to a particular medication (among several, alas !) that I’m on. I said so somewhere very recently, I think.

My GP, upon whom I dote very fondly – I have the highest regard for his abilities, and this always tends to make me like a person very much – whinges about my vegetarianism. He has loathed it from the moment I told him I meant to stop eating meat or fish (but not go vegan: it was never a ‘goodness and wellbeing’ issue, my vegetarianism), and has rarely missed an opportunity to tell me it will not be good for my health, over-all – not at my age, and not having been used to it over many years.

I’ve been thinking and thinking about it all, while on the weight control regimen; because it’s quite difficult to balance the necessary intake of the various things I actually need while cutting down rather radically on the intake’s amount.

And yesterday, as I was walking down between aisles at my local IGA towards the meat section (where I had to buy Lui Stringer’s next coupla kilos to chop up smallish and put into plastic bags of 30g each, then freeze, and issue him with a single packet for every breakfast …) Where was I ? Oh yes: in the IGA. Well, as I say, I was heading for the ordinary meat section when I passed the small organic meat section. I stopped and looked at it.

And when I went through the checkout I had a packet of scotch fillet in my shopping. Last night, I cut it in half – which I was able to do with an ordinary dinner knife ! – and made a small salad from the leftovers of Jude’s and my lunch on Friday, and grilled it.

And I ate it.

That was the first time meat has passed my lips for roughly five years. Or maybe six – I honestly can’t remember.

Then I put the dishes into the dishwasher and sat down to think again. Did I feel guilty ? – I did. Did I feel any better ? – I DID. Did I feel exhausted and want nothing but to go to bed (as is normal after dinner for me) ? – I did not. I came in here and drove H bonkers by changing themes again (in her case, mid-comment !) and generally spending time on the PC, without once thinking “I’m about to nod off !” and having to stagger away.

I went to bed at around 9:30 and slept – of course, waking up to have a pee at some time or other – for eight hours. I didn’t think it was possible: I thought my back would prevent my sleeping for that long.

This-morning I’d lost another 200 grams. Not put any on because of the fat on the steak.

I’m now in such a quandary that it’s hard to describe. But don’t worry – I do not seek opinions as to what I should do !

  1. I’m sure that my GP is right, and that not being vegetarian would be better for my over-all health.
  2. It would be infinitely easier for me to continue on my weight control regimen were I not vegetarian.
  3. And I enjoyed last night’s meal immensely …
  4. I will hate myself for abandoning what has been proudly touted as a principle for several years.

But, frankly and honestly, I think I’m going to have to live with hating myself: I can’t afford to continue feeling tired and weak, and that’s the bottom line.

So you have to acknowledge me as a pathetic ‘oath-breaker’ or the like.

Re-blogging myself – for a reason

Katoomba has just had fairly serious fires through it, again … Sometimes they must really wonder if it’s worth living up there in the mountains, in the cool, with all those wonderful trees …

Because all too often it becomes terrifying.

And the other half of my reason for re-blogging this, my very first post !, is because looking out from my balcony today towards (ugh !) “Barangaroo”, the first of about five enormous high-rise buildings is nearly at its peak, and bloody ugly it is, too. And you’ll recognize the relevance when you read that original post.

Oh, and Paula (my sister, that is): I had no followers and the person who commented did so at a much later stage …

Daily Post Photo Challenge: Achievement

Have you just run 26.2 miles, finished a long-term project, or met a personal goal? This week, show us an achievement.


It was suggested by more than one person that I enter this challenge; but I need to cheat.

No, not about the achievement, I PROMISE ! – about the ‘photo’. It’s impossible for me to have one relevant to what I’ve done (so far), as there is no-one to take photos of me. And come to think of it, you may all be mightily relieved on that count !

As you can plainly see, a photograph it ain’t. It’s a screengrab from my Excel spreadsheet that tracks my weight loss since Saturday 18th October, when I began, once more !, on a regimen to control my ballooning kilos.

Already it’s getting hard to contain enough info. within a screengrab to show on-line; and next Saturday’s will be much harder unless I can work out how to freeze not only at the top, horizontally, but ALSO at the side, vertically. Anyone know if that’s possible ?

I’m supposed to be losing half a kilo (just over a pound) a week. Dunno what’s going on. But it doesn’t matter a lot – not unless I start fainting or something …

I hope I am forgiven for posting “outside the frame”.



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