1. That is my teeny Boodie, Kat: 15 months old and unlikely to grow another centimetre ! :)
      Never had a small mog before; all Chic’s and mine were enormous – as in Lui Stringer there in the sidebar. Boodie is totally adorable, cuddly, affectionate, soft and very vile when in PLAY mode.
      He is addictive; and my friends call ’round to visit him rather than me, I feel. [grin]
      Phyllis is an epiphyllum oxypetalum – https://www.gardenclinic.com.au/how-to-grow-article/queen-of-the-night – and is said to bloom “only rarely” !!

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    1. Takes one to know one. :)
      And yes, that’s a positive spin on the brevity of those wonderfully-scented, glorious blossoms, Debra ..


  1. I fancy the latter best, even though I acknowledge the Epiphyllum Oxypetalum to be a knockout. :)
    Boodie isn’t a kitten, you know: he’s now 16 months old, and unlikely to get any bigger, lucky me ! He is the most adorable cat I’ve ever known, who plays and plays and makes me laugh, and then goes to sleep in my arms.

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