[Sob !]

My Noro Silk Garden ! – it’s in there, somewhere.

No-one in Australia Post is saying “Oh look: here’s one for that Stringer woman .. put it on the next flight, ’cause she’s been ordering on-line for the last umpteen years !”, like they should !

This is what I get for living in a regional centre.

Shall I be grumpier than ever today ..?

Naah; the weather’s good (I think: it’s dark outside right now ! But it was good yesterday) and I have a Coles delivery arriving this-arvo. I’m ploughing ahead with my “mosaic” crocheted shawl while awaiting my beautiful Noro to be able to start on Michele’s Minerva knitalong .. I just watched Obama’s video in support of Biden and am, as ever, buoyed by the site of he who still represents everything good about government. Can’t be bothered being grumpy today.   :)

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Have finally found home: in my ... ahh ... later years. With no family within coo-ee and no assets, I'm in a wonderful and totally independent unit within the auspices of a celebrated aged care organization. Idea is that I have two 'houses' I can move into were I to become cerebrally challenged: but it's my firm intention not to. :D P.S. I have no idea how I got to this number of years: I was young only last week ..

9 thoughts on “[Sob !]”

  1. Oh you’re good woman to suppress your grumpiness And see what a beautiful day it is 😜 Hope you have a postal delivery today 🙏 I’m repotting orchids – probably not the right season but heck I’ve got the time to do it!! Sore arm from flu injection :-( Love Goanna xxx Sent from my iPhone


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  2. There are no reliable seasons any more, me darlin old thing, so one’s as good as another for repotting orchids. Go you good thing ! XXXOO


  3. Gosh, that cowl thing will keep you occupied. Looks fascinating and the silk garden yarn looks like it’ll be a comfy thing to wear, despite its appearance. Are you doing a cowl or a scarf?

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    1. “looks like it’ll be a comfy thing to wear, despite its appearance.” oops. I contradicted myself there? From the description of the yarn, it SOUNDS like it’d be comfy. And from your WIP post, you’ll be doing the cowl. Good on you.

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