Not very good at this   :(

It was a question from a blogging friend – a simple one: “How’s the non-vegetarian diet going ?” – that generated this post. Blame Hannah, OK ?

Re-capping briefly: I ceased to be vegetarian because my younger sister pointed out that if I am approaching becoming pre-diabetic (as my current GP recently indicated), it’s because of my non-flesh diet – NOT because I’ve been eating tinned pineapple as if there will be no more in the whole world the day after tomorrow.

Oh jesus, there are so many threads to all this ..

She talked at length about vegetarianism and what it means for the bod: that I am eating nothing but carbs – all those BEANS ! and PASTA ! and RICE ! and FRUIT ! and vegetables that grow under the ground .. And when you consider that, you realize she’s entirely correct: there’s virtually nothing but carbs in a vego diet. And carbs = sugar. Simple.

So it would seem simple that ceasing to ingest these delightful carbs must reduce my appalling waistline one, but also reduce my sugar intake two, right ? (Should’ve reversed those two in terms of importance.)

‘Simple’ is the LAST fucking word that applies to all this.


Look at those groups, for heaven’s sake ! – how can they be causing me to become slowly diabetic ?! And why are they labelled ‘Healthy’ ?! Well, the answer to that is obvious: the UNhealthy ones are cakes and lollies and pies and fish&chips and all the stuff like that ..

But I’m not a consumer of the unhealthy carbs: it’s the ‘healthy’ carbs that any sensible vegetarian consumes daily (obtaining much-needed protein from the beans, mostly). And I am finding that excising these from my daily intake is so awfully difficult that I don’t know where I am, any more. I have a permanently bad taste in my mouth that causes me to be grateful for social distancing because I would otherwise poison people (and no, it’s not ketosis: I’m not attempting your actual ZERO carbs intake).

I know that I must find a dietician. Someone who really does understand it all and can explain to me satisfactorily every aspect of food. There isn’t one down here in Geelong: I once consulted a so-called ‘dietician’ who maundered on about the balance of the 5 food groups and the pyramid and all that shit, sitting there roly-poly and busting out of her ankle boots .. I was offended, frankly. No, I need a REAL one. Melbourne, probably. Which can’t be done right now ..


The rest of my post just vanished. I’ve just about HAD this bloody new editor. Seriously thinking about finding a new blogging platform, were it not for the fact that all the bloggers I know are on this one.

25 thoughts on “Not very good at this   :(

  1. I don’t know why you are having so many problems with the editor. Did you backspace?
    Good point about the vego diet. All those carbs. Probably just as well I went back to eating a little meat and seafood.
    Qould you consider an Ayurvedic medical practitioner? I know nothing about them but if a dietician can’t do better than the 5 food group, god help us.

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  2. As you say, there are the empty carbs (cakes and lollies and pies etc.) and then the healthy ones that come with necessary vitamins and minerals and fiber and all that jazz. I can understand the challenge before you.

    I can also understand the challenge of finding reliable advice. I wish you well in that regard. Almost as agonizing as mastering the new editor.

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  3. My theory is “moderation in all things” even the bad carbs! (Unless you are truly allergic or intolerant as I am to some things). I have never gone vegetarian, but in the last decade I have reduced the meat and fish in quantity, and tend to buy the leaner versions. Buy less of the more expensive cuts, in other words. And then there’s very lean meat like kangaroo. Very good for you M-R! Lean, iron-rich I believe, etc. But it needs careful cooking.

    If you want a good recipe for poaching chicken breast that you can then use in sandwiches, salads, etc, and that will last a few days in the fridge, let me know.

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  4. Well, I hate the block editor too, but most of my blogging friends are also on WP. I’ll stay and put up with it until or unless I find something else.

    As for your diet and having to forego your vegetarian ways, I feel for you. It’s tough to change a way of eating that you’re used to and the foods you love. In the last ten years, I’ve had a necessity to avoid dairy as much as possible, along with choosing to avoid gluten. Then, within the last year, I had to cut way back on coffee, tomato products, citrus, onions, and other foods that cause me a case of indigestion. I can’t tell you how much is pains me at times to not be able to eat macaroni and cheese or a plate of spagetti with tomato sauce without suffering consequences.

    I hope you find a good dietician or nutritionist that can help you with a sensible eating plan that doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth and helps lower the carb intake.

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    • And yet you don’t whinge endlessly .. WHY IS THAT ?! :D
      Yesterday I came across an American woman known as “Dr Becky” (how I wish they wouldn’t use the title, when their creds aren’t actually medical .. but I digress) who speaks words that enter my ears with ease. I shall post about her.
      Love ya !

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    • I feel your pain. I went on a food intolerance diet for chronic eczema three decades ago -gluten, dairy, tomatoes, oranges, and many other foods were out. It took a while to oak out how to live, cook and eat out again, but it changed my life in terms of my health so was worth it. (I missed mac cheese, spagbol etc too!)

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      • You are a worthy woman, Sue: I wish I had half your strength of character ! :\
        I want to know when macaroni cheese became ‘mac and cheese’: it infuriates me.


        • I don’t know when M-R, all I know is that when I typed that comment I was being lazy as I was doing it on my iPad which I hate typing/writing on! But you know Aussies abbreviate everything, though that one could have been American? I don’t abbreviate much.

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  5. Your comment on Amanda’s blog has me curious as to who you are MR, so I came over to have a look. Refreshing writing, as Amanda says, honest. And another WordPress user who gets as frustrated with the changes as I do perhaps. Hope you do t mind if I follow along for a while.

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    • Chris, Amanda and I go ‘way back, with an occasional spat and much more frequent agreements. Anyone who follows her is more than welcome; but until I manage to sort out my moving, my blogging is right down, alas ..

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    • LISTEN ! – what’s with no commenting on your blog, woman ?!
      Comments are what makes blogging worthwhile – hasn’t anyone told you that before now ?
      Open yourself up to others happily bitching about Perth (my home town !) tradesmen, why doncha ? :D

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