We are losing Cat Bordhi

I post this terrible fact because I need to.

Cat has been a totally joyous person in the craft world: her amazing discoveries regarding true moebius knitting and her subsequent illustrations of them for the benefit of all of us have been made in the spirit of happiness and generosity that has been her signature. Always.

All I can do is weep to think that she will be gone, so early and so .. unnecessarily.

She is telling us goodbye, here, in a manner entirely hers. When my American knitting friend Michele Lee Bernstein posted about this imminent loss, I followed the link to Cat’s post and read it with tears; and then I wrote to her via the special email link. I reminded her of one of her countless acts of kindness ..

Oh,  by all the gods that man has ever invented, I shall miss her ..

6 thoughts on “We are losing Cat Bordhi

  1. You’re getting too emotional MR – I know it’s heartbreaking to lose a close pet and friend
    but this is life unfortunately. I don’t think you should be too upset – it happens.
    but it was a lovely gesture to write to your friend – you’re a good buddy to all animals xxx

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  2. Oh, that’s so so so sad, M-R. What a joyous human being she looks. I don’t agree with bobbi that you shouldn’t be too upset. It is life – but life can be very sad and I think we can be upset when special people die. (Of course people can take being upset to extremes and make themselves sick, but I don’t get that sense from you here.)

    I am in the process of typing into one document all the lovely things people wrote about my mum in cards (as I can’t keep cards forever but I want to keep the sentiments). I am going to share them with the family. They make me sad, but they make me so happy too – so Jenny and Charlie will love the emails people send, I know.

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  3. That’s a lovely idea, Sue, about the cards’ contents.
    I honestly don’t ‘get’ my friend Joanna’s comments; it isn’t like her at all. I’m worried that something serious is going on with her brother’s health, but she won’t talk about it.
    And Cat .. I wish I could publish the email she wrote back to me .. One day I shall, perhaps. She has always been a shaft of sunlit joy.


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