So I contributed to a conspiracy theory. Sighh ..

I wasn’t alone:

But I’m not happy about it. That’ll teach me (I hope).

Here is the consummate article on the whole tRump thing, I go so far as to say.

Read that and you’ll have a really good understanding of the ghastly maelstrom that is the current situation in the US.

Takes a bit of concentration ..

Or perhaps don’t, and skip away happily ignorant.

25 thoughts on “So I contributed to a conspiracy theory. Sighh ..

  1. Do as I do: Wait two days until the actual truth is verifiable (and verified), then say “You see?! I said that two days ago! REMEMBER?!!”, by which time people will believe you’d indeed said that. Guess I’d fit in well in the current White House.


  2. understatement of the day: “takes a bit of concentration…”

    I’ll have to finish my first cup of coffee, first, before I tackle that statement again, but I do get the gist – but thanks for the links, co-conspirator of mine.

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  3. The politics of weakness disguised as strength. I shall return to the Anand Giridharadas piece again. Very readable, very astute…very grateful you pushed it in our direction.
    I wouldn’t feel the least hint of shame at believing it some sort of dishonest ruse. When someone has used dishonesty as widely as Trump has done it is only wise to suspect that he will continue to lie.
    I tend to wait for the cross leged queue outside the cemetery. Feel free to change the names in this bit of Byron:
    Posterity will ne’er survey
    a Nobler grave than this:
    Here lie the bones of Castlereagh:
    Stop, traveller, and piss!

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  4. I can see why it was easy to be suspicious of the medical reports, but as it turns out things are going rapidly from bad to worse over here. I’m just numb and in shock with all that is happening, and the pace that it is happening at. It is clear that he plans to just keep campaigning and carrying on with no effort to comply with quarantine or public health protocols, and will continue to downplay the severity of the disease. This is so bad it threatens the stability of the government. Sigh. I just ordered two N95 masks as things are going to get really bad in the coming months.

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    • It’s hard to imagine what it must be like for all of you normal people up there in the Madlands, Marilyn .. But I would suggest you have already reached the stage of an unstable government: you’re so inured to the chaos that no-one has realized it yet .. :\

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      • Oh, I realize it! It has moved beyond that to down right horrible and before this is over, if I survive, I will have disowned some of my relatives. This afternoon he announced that he won’t allow another covid stimulus package unless he wins, and then there will be the immediate passage of financial help. Pretty blatant quid pro quo, don’t you think?

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        • In a normal world— what am I saying ?!
          I think a statement like that will do nothing so much as invigorate his opponents – who are, as we all know, the majority. Alas that the truly VILE Bill Barr works to negate that fact.

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  5. Ah, I am not a conspiracy theorist at all. Which is not to say that I believe everything everyone says, but that I don’t look for intentional plots. I tend to think people are more likely to be stupid rather than plotters! What does THAT say about me!

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      • I don’t think I am really! I know what he told Woodward about Covid-19 and what he said to the people, but still, as someone I read today said, he sounds like a kindergartener, and I really don’t think all of that is put on! Do you? He does plot a bit I’m sure – all politicians do – but I reckon it hurt his pride to come down with COVID-19, and I can’t see him plotting in a way that would injure his pride??

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        • Certainly not insufferable .. but we have our message-wires crossed at this point, I think: that is, inasmuch as I went for the conspiracy theory because I could see how he could benefit from it, even if I don’t think that was correct, now ..

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