Crochet pattern translating

Remember my wailing about wonderful Spanish patterns that I can’t read ? And how I almost immediately came across someone offering a translation service for crochet patterns ?


I did have to wait a bit, because Carmin had received a lot of orders. But was it worth it ? – the work is .. it is FANTASTIC !

Carmin has turned out a beautiful and absolutely comrehensible pattern – better than any I’ve seen, not to exaggerate.

Just look at the work that’s been added ! – remembering that all this has come from a video that has nothing but the spoken word for help.

I’m almost speechless with admiration !

Any crocheter who has found a liked pattern in a foreign language take note of the email address contained in Carmin’s thank-you note –

14 thoughts on “Crochet pattern translating

    • And to me ! In fact I believe I must admit to having done me dough; as the pattern is really quite complex because the Spanish creator’s mindset is so different. Sighh ..
      But THE WORK this dame put into her translation ! – it’s a piece of art. :D


  1. I’m impressed! I so often complain about all the added headaches that seem to come with some elements of social media and our dependence (sometimes addiction) associated with Internet and electronics, but really, for all my grousing, I’m amazed at the times we are living in. How exceptional that you could find this connection and expertise in Carmen’s skills and to have the ability to navigate in another language is such creative problem solving. The pattern is gorgeous!

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    • It is, indeed. But.
      As I said to my dear Sydney friend, the Spanish mindset is quite different, and the pattern I find very complicated. Nothing to do with the translation – totally excellent ! – but the .. ahh .. methodology, I suppose. I shall need to spend a lot of time reading through it again before I start looking at wool ..
      Carmin comes from Egypt, would you believe ?! :) – what a clever lady ! I wish I knew zillions of crocheters who want translations so I could really spread the word about her.


    • It’s a ripper, Marilyn, I promise ! :)
      How’s Hannah ? – and the garden ? How is your health managing under the relentless C-19 that it seems might never go away on account of Republicans who continue to deny it and go maskless ?

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      • Hannah is now a year old young lady who thinks I’m a big toy for her to play with. Seriously, she is perfect for the pandemic homebound me. I got my vaccine!!! and am now back out into the world (but still wearing a mask) getting medical stuff taken care of. I’ve also gone wild feeding the yarn stash. :-) I’ve pretty much decided that the Republicans are living in an alternative universe… Stay safe!!

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        • Of course you should’ve had the vaccine !! – you before many, many others !
          Happy for you that you’ve had it, though ..
          I’m a bit the same with yarn: having found a pattern that I actually believe can easily be made to fit around my (_|_), I’ve got in three different lots of yarn ! :\
          They are, those (_¤_)s – a different and a much nastier one.
          I will if you will, Marilyn .. :)

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