It started with ‘silly’ ..

.. but progressed from there.

My morning perusal of the ABC news site and The Guardian’s resulted in several items that made me scoff and click my tongue in annoyance, made me make a face and become annoyed, and eventually made my blood boil.

They’re chefs’ ideas of a good sandwich.  Fer crissake ! Unfortunately,  The Guardian is forever printing recipes of ludicrous things like these ..

And still Texas is proud of being anti-vaxx !! You have to wonder ..

There will never be a time when filthy rich bastards stop claiming that their way – whatever it is – will save the world ..

We have reached the point where our “protections” are likely to kill people.

This was a VERY silly man with a VERY big ego; and he changed Australia – for the worse. He was, in fact, a bloody dangerous little bastard.

Sometimes – in fact, often ! – I wonder why I bother to read the news. I’m in a kind of constant battle with myself: while I believe that the ABC, for instance, is the most reliable free news source, I detest the upward trajectory of its politically correct advances.  As for The Guardian, it’s the only news source I’m prepared to pay for; but its British bits are often infuriating ..

I shall think more about The Saturday Paper—

or then again, perhaps I shan’t .. Maybe The Monthly ?

Well, at least that one tells you the cost of each issue: The Saturday Paper actually costs over $9 !

It seems that I’m going to be thinking more about The Monthly, then: at least that way anyone perusing my blog wouldn’t need to be assailed by my political views very often.

28 thoughts on “It started with ‘silly’ ..

  1. I enjoy hearing your perspectives and it is always interesting to me to know more about what you think about anything to do with American politics. I always feel like I should apologize for the chaos we Americans have thrusted upon the world. :-( But I do know what you mean about trying to follow the news. I have some of the same observations. I have a variety of sources, but I really must pick and choose what I read. On the rare day that I am busy enough not to scroll or tune in I do notice I’m lighter and a bit relieved. I sometimes think I would be better off if I didn’t care to know what is going on. Let’s see what nonsense comes to us this week!

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    • I like it a lot that you can actually notice a change,Deb !! :) I just go on being my usual grumpy self.
      But perhaps this might lessen if I took a lesson from you, O beautiful one !
      Re anti-vaxx insanity: we have plenty – like, PLENTY ! – of our own Downunder. The same morons striding about the streets with idiotic placards proclaiming their wish for “freedom” .. I have zero idea what they think is “freedom” for people who disagree with their totally subjective stance.


  2. Oh these are great M-R!

    We watch a lot of TV news and current affairs, mostly ABC, but my go-to reading now is primarily The Saturday Paper, with the Guardian and the Conversation being next. What do you mean the Conversation costs $9 . Do you mean a different Conversation to the one I mean ? I also subscribe to the Monthly as a package with TSP, both digital,but often don’t get to read it. [Slap wrists]

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  3. I do come by but rarely post, but today your blog gave me the best laugh M-R! I got a month’s free trial of The Saturday Paper but now it refuses to accept my password – probably a plot to make me pay. Anyone noticed how much of the ABC is cheesy chat shows these days?

    Cheers from a hard lock down! We are so anxious here in the NSW Central West! Any more good music M-R? Your taste is superb.


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    • No, because I don’t have a TV any more. I swapped it for another recliner, year or so back. :)
      More music ? – you’re on !
      I’ll rack the ancient brain in the morning and come up with my early 21st century version of a mid-20th century hit parade while I’m waiting for couriers to deliver a BETTER cat scratching tree.
      Love it when someone likes the music I do ! – congratters, old bean. [grin]


  4. Loved your comment about Howard. I remember a friend commenting that his government was mean. Alas, that seems to have been the dominant feature of all succeeding governments (from both sides). As the rich get richer, they seem to get greedier. Not pleasant, and very unsettling for the future.

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    • “Mean” .. a damned good adjective for Howard and his coterie. Small and mean and untruthful.
      And yes; in spite of the fact that he actually lost his seat (!), the fucking coalition has never stopped bowing and scraping to the little (_¤_). I believe it was he who started the greed rot.


      • Okay, I was going to mention Florida, but truth be said it may be in a class all by itself. The rhetoric and unhinged rage about vaccines and masks is just beyond my understanding. These are people who are anti-science to the core and completely unwilling to adapt to change.
        Tomorrow I go in for a right heart catherization and I have been holed up in the house for 10 days in isolation because of THOSE CRAZY PEOPLE so that nothing will stop me from making my appointment.

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        • A very old friend of mine, a coupla months back, came home from a walk and felt a bit ‘off’; so his lady sent him to his GP. GP sent him for some kind of Xray. Radiologist eventually arranged for angiogram, and he was sent him to hospital where, some days later, he had a quintuple bypass. Didn’t end there. Went twice into heavy fibrillation, and has ended up with a pacemaker fitted with one of those shock thingies to prevent fibrillation’s recurrence. They told him it could have happened any time in thepast 20 years !

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    • You’re right to be escapist, Hannah; for what’s the point of “facing up to reality” ? – it’s dire ..
      Listen, darlin – I’m very happy about your engagement. Your man looks absolutely delightful ! :)


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