Just for the record

I have an appointment with the local barber next Thursday morning, and she is going to give me a #4 all over. YAAAAAAaaaay !!

I’ve had quite enough of HAIR. Don’t recall the last time I had this much ! – but it would’ve been black, not grey. And possibly not as curly – that surprised me. I note that HAIR is not around when it comes to eyebrows or eyelashes – only on me bonce. Can’t think where the brows and lashes went ..

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the contrasting photo as of Thursday next !! – no more seeing frizzy hair out of the corner of my eye when I lean back against my chair ..

18 thoughts on “Just for the record

  1. Good for you. I do like short neat hair. Mr Gums not so much, so it’s always a compromise. Fortunately a couple of days before lockdown I had an accidentally VERY short cut so while it is getting a bit fuller, it is not driving me up the wall as it did in last year’s lockdown. And, yes, I’ve lost hair from underarms and legs but still have eyelashes and brows (for the time being.)

    Look forward to the next selfie.

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  2. Don’t do it M.R. Your hair is beautiful. And speaking from recent experience short hair is a lot harder to manage. I can’t wait for mine to grow back, not long, but a bit longer. Just a hard trim of the bottom layers….

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  3. Oh Chris ! – the single dissenting voice .. and I will confess there is sufficient vanity in me to almost agree ..
    But this length is since last having a clipper-job in a men’s salon in Footscray (all the women’s cutters’ places looked too weird for words) last December. Let’s see: that’s only 10 months’ growth. Meaning that it can be resurrected .. :D


  4. I have a few friends who cannot even begin to think of short hair, and a few more who are very much in your camp, with the idea of shaving it off being ideal! I think it’s really great that we can choose our own comforts. Good for you! Since I let my color grow out and I’m now entirely gray, I don’t go to the stylist nearly as often as I did when I had to cover up my “skunk stripe” and now my hair is quite long, for me anyway. It often looks a fright, but I just put a hat on when I go out. LOL!

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  5. The thing is, Deb, that I do not look forward to an Australian summer with hair nearly down to my shoulders. Also, I cannot afford the appalling cost of having a decent haircut (well over $100); so my method of having a clipper job at the beginning of summer and then simply letting it grow is by FAR the most cost-effective ! :D


  6. If you like it, you can just buy yourself clippers and DIY! The clippers I bought at the beginning of the pandemic have paid for themselves in would-have-been haircuts for the Mister. He prefers the way I cut it, too.

    Now MY hair is a different story!

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    • Your hair I always think of as a curtain of shining appeal that terminates around your chin .. It may well be terminating around your navel, right now .. [grin]
      But no, my small clever friend; I don’t have steady enough hands to do that; and besides, a clipper job is pretty cheap (especially in comparison with a haircut !!).


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