Let the record show ..

.. something absolutely ghastly.

I look so like my mother that I am seized with terror: if I LOOK so like her, surely I must BE like her ???

First reaction: erhmmmmmm .. this is nothing like the kind of cut I asked the hairdresser for.

But I’m going to have to live with it – at least for a while. (What the devil are those puffed-out bits on the sides ???)

And before you start shouting at me about the buzz-cut I was supposed to have, I can explain that !

The barber said my hair was too curly, and only a #2 (or #1 !) would prevent its lying about at strange and discrete angles. And as I had already come to the conclusion that I might have a #5 rather than a #4, just in case all the hair that fell out while it was so long had left nekkid bits behind, I was easily persuaded not to do it.

Turned out there’s a ladies’ hairdresser next to the barber, so I went in and asked them “If I say I’d like a haircut and possibly a colour job to dye my hair WHITE (not blonde !), how many years would it be before you could do it ?” As a client had forgotten her appointment, the boss lady could do it, like, then (having phoned said client to ascertain her whereabouts) but not the colour. She agreed that my hair is very curly (what on earth is going on ?!), and here is a terribly bad frame that’s meant to show you:

 It’s only curly at the back ! – nowhere else. Because I whinged so much about how the curliness is entirely new and very unwelcome, she has done her best to de-curl me, with some success. Alas that the over-all impression is of a much taller Joyce (me auld mither), especially now that I almost have a shape.

How long have I been complaining how bad my photos are ? – roughly since I’ve been blogging, I believe .. I can’t even take selfies ! Still, it’s not of any importance, as taking selfies is not one of my hobbies. Yesyesyes, shut up ! – I agree I have been taking a plethora of ’em of late. But that’s it, I promise !!!

16 thoughts on “Let the record show ..

  1. As a curly hair person, I both feel your pain and say embrace it, it’s great! Like all woman I have a love-hate relationship with my hair, but, overall, I think I’m lucky. With a good cut, curly hair is so easy. Wash, it, toss your fingers through it, and you’re done. You just have to watch that the fluffy bits at the side don’t get too fluffy. Haha!

    Oh, and I think your hair looks great. Looks to me like you’ve found a good cutter.

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  2. I can’t say I like looking like a matron, let alone my revered mama.
    I do wish I could be more gracious about it; but this isn’t ME.
    Sighhh ..


    • Oh jesus, Michele – isn’t there SOMETHING you can’t do ??
      Sighhh ..
      [grin] I’m only jealous: Stringer used to do his own with the clippers, cos he (wisely !) wouldn’t’ve let me near him with ’em !


  3. I agree with the fact that I like the cut on you and it would be easy to just encourage you to accept the compliments and keep the style. But when you clearly say “it isn’t me,” then I want that for you most of all. I’d say just keep trying. If you like the stylist she’ll work with you to get what you want. This was a start! I do think if you can find a photo of what you’d like that might help her. As for looking like your mother, isn’t that how it seems to go! I see more and more of my mother in my appearance than I ever did when younger. And I hear this from others, too. I don’t know how to get comfortable with that. LOL!

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    • I cannot, Debra: whilst my other was incredibly intelligent and clever, she was not (according to my standards) worthy of the praise she so assiduously sought.
      And I absolutely agree that I must be at ease with my topknot; so I have decided, with the help of my wonderful friend in Sydney, to revert to type next week with the actual buzzcut, and go from there.
      I shall seek out photos – probably of Jamie Lee Curtis !!! [grin] – to keep around until it’s time for another haircut.

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  4. Looking like your mother is a genetic reality. Being like her is a whole other ballgame involving genes, experience and nurture. Looking like her is out of your hands. Being like her is a choice.

    If you want to keep the cut but not look like your mother, when you go back for the colour, ask for bright pink. Or rainbow colours. Rainbow is good.

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