Another Covid-19 item

It seems that almost no-one read my last post on this topic. Your loss: it’s bloody HYSTERICALLY funny.

This one doesn’t require any effort at all .. and I love it !  :D

9 thoughts on “Another Covid-19 item

  1. There’s something weird about this post. The top picture is a big blank, for me, and then there’s one at the bottom with the Attention text. Is it the same picture?

    Anyhow, it’s good.

    And no, I haven’t read your previous one because I’m just not keeping up with blog at the moment – I just read one Bill posted on 18 June! However, I will.

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    • Dunno, me old china .. Yes, the ATTENTION photo is the one; but I can’t think what’s going on your end re the ‘top picture’. Maybe it’s this theme. I shall change it shortly; and when you’re back with the awake, you might tell me if everything’s normal.
      Sue my lamb; I don’t expect you to be keeping up with anything much right now. In a while, in a while ..


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