It’s almost here !

The Grand Move.

It’s ‘grand’ because it isn’t within Geelong; so once it’s done, one of my Pages will have to go.

Yes, OF COURSE Port Phillip Bay is that colour !

It is within that map, but its name doesn’t appear. Even H’s thanking me for staying this side of Melbourne doesn’t help you ..

I shall reveal all when I post again on Monday night. Pretend you care, OK ?


27 thoughts on “It’s almost here !

  1. You are amazing M-R. I absolutely HATE moving and will do anything to avoid it.

    Anyhow, of course we care – and wish you all the very best in your new home. You aren’t allowed to complain about it for at least a year 😀

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    • Thanks, Hannah – week after next, some time. Whenever my movers can fit me it. I couldn’t POSSIBLY move with my WAT Relocations fellers: they give me confidence.


  2. Since I’ve been away you’ve been busy! I am eager to catchup and learn about your move M-R. When I get a minute I’ll have to go back and read the posts leading up to this week. Relocations are challenging, but can be wonderful. I hope that for you.

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    • Thank you, beautiful Debra ! – I hope so too.
      This-morning I went and saw the apartment and fell instantly in love. Only problem: European laundry has very small space for washing-machine; and I know mine won’t fit. Now to try trading down ..

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