Well, I went there ..

.. but I didn’t join in with ’em.

Why ? – because never have I seen in one place so many people (of all ages) being really competitive. Competition is not my jam (as one of my two new but already dear friends likes to say); and it’s clear at the Maribyrnong ParkRun that those who run are all competing against everyone else.  As for the ‘walkers’ – I couldn’t possibly even catch them up, let alone match their pace ! Even the people wheeling baby carriages were either running or walking at great speed.

I’d plotted out half a kilometre on Google, and walked at my own speed – not as fast as I used to do when living in Sydney, but not all that much slower – there and back two times without stopping ! AND ! – I could’ve done another pass were it not for the fact that the balls of my feet were on fire.

So I returned home (via the two trams), pensively working out how to afford a good pair of running shoes. Haven’t got there so far ..

Anyway: I won’t bother going on with ParkRun because the poor sod designated any day’s Behind the Last Walker would make me feel terrible (as Debra spoke of the other day) – couldn’t do it. Besides, I’m still not up for 5km, yet.

So I shall simply do one of my 1km local walks every day. And who knows what I might work up to in time ?!


24 thoughts on “Well, I went there ..

  1. Wondering if you have the Heart Foundation walking sessions in your state. Pretty sure they’re less competitive and more relaxed.

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  2. Oh, dear. I hate that everyone was so serious. You need a fun walk!! I think that the Heart foundation ideas are good. There is a scleroderma walk every year here, but they walk early and I really can’t walk anymore, so I send them money and get the “Sleep in for Scleroderma” shirt instead. :-) Kudos to you for your walking and I’m sure that you will build yourself up in time.

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    • That’s it ! – so damned serious, Marilyn !! Turning it into an Event rather than a mere gathering.
      I’ve looked into the HF activities and got my personal plan, and it looks really good. :)
      I shall bore you shitless on this, I suspect ..

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      • People are so competitive these days – that’s why I did the casual walks around Sydney – a nice long amble with a cafe break! There is a group that walks regularly around my town, but they walk at such a speed and look so deadly serious I wouldn’t go near them! Good on you for giving it a go, M-R, I hope you find a more suitable crowd to walk with!

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        • Was beginning to worry aboutcha !! :D
          I entirely agree that the whole walking thing has become a kind of .. ahh .. can’t think of a good noun. :(
          I shall report back after Wednesday night (if it doesn’t rain) re the seriousness or lack of.


  3. You don’t find out these things without trying, do you, so good on you for trying. Also, you don’t find out alternative things without opening yourself up and sharing, either, so good on you again.

    I’m not highly competitive either I think. We are doing Tai Chi and four of us (another couple, Mr Gums and I) have just decided to do Level 3 again next term ie for the third time. We’re slow learners ! There’s no rush to finish … Tai Chi is more about the process anyhow. Plus the time for Level four will seriously impact our lovely after Tai Chi dinner at the club that we do!!! Priorities!

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    • I had no idea of there being levels in Tai Chi – I s’pose I thought of it as a series of movements done to iron out the soul kinks ..
      How would level 4 have impacted your after-TC dinner ???


      • It is a series of movements but a long series – at least the one we are doing. I think Level 4 finishes the sequence then they do refinement which is doing it better and better! Beginners, Levels 2&3 in out class finish at 7:30. The others start after that and finish at 8:30 or 8:45. Too late for most casual suburban kitchens on a midweek night. Eating before would not be good because although Tai Chi is quite slow it’s still quite demanding and doing it on a full stomach would not work. Also, dinner after us a reward for our hard work!!!

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  4. I’ve had some horrible experiences at Parkrun, with people thinking they’re running a flippin marathon and other runners are just obstacles to THEIR race. We’re much better off doing our own thing away from them!

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    • Hannah, me little love, are you married to The Fiancé yet ? :D How is life in Glasgiow ? Work ?
      I can only agree that ParkRun – with my very little experience of it – is not a venue for those on their own who want nothing more than some pleasant exercise. They all seem to either know each other or know WHO the other people are, and talk about everyone’s ‘progress’. The volunteers are very nice people; but the participants not so much ..

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      • Oh no, I didn’t get a notification about your comment!
        We are not married yet, still waiting for my job to be made permanent so we can get our own place first. Fingers crossed for next month at my review.
        Did you give Parkrun another go? I never figured out how to become part of the ‘in crowd’ but it was good motivation to keep me running.

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        • I didn’t, Hannah: the pervading atmosphere of competition was too much for this old broad. And to be truthful I have yet to find an exercise that keeps my beak on the white line .. :(


  5. I don’t blame you one bit for not participating. I wouldn’t want to be part of the competition, either, M-R. But I think walking at. your own pace and schedule will build strength and stamina and you’ll be able to mark your progress. I think you are on the right track (excuse the pun!). 😀

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